Recognizing the great interest and confidence in the opportunities for business in the region, ASEAN Member States share the determination to ensure smooth and predictable business registration processes. This is particularly important in promoting business start-ups, as well as in encouraging micro, small and medium enterprises to operate in the formal economy. Achieving smooth business registration processes require regular review and improvement towards fast, less costly, transparent and predictable procedures. Such business regulatory reforms will have a tremendous effect to the larger economy, with more business activity resulting in higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, more services offered to consumers and further employment opportunities offered to the
country’s labour force.

As part of Lao PDR’s priority deliverables under its ASEAN Chairmanship in 2016, ASEAN has developed this Report and Work Programme on “Starting a Business” in ASEAN. The Report identifies key issues (obstacles to starting and registering a business, and good practices) and highlights policy lessons from regulatory reform case studies of several ASEAN Member States. It also provides detailed business registration process maps covering each ASEAN Member State (AMS). Deriving from these analyses, country reform experiences and policy lessons, a regional Work Programme was developed to outline the areas to be addressed and actions to be taken towards streamlining the relevant processes in the region.

Download the full publication here.