Regional Strategies

  • 2016. ASEAN Rabies Elimination Strategy (ARES) 2014-2023
  • 2008. Strengthening Cooperation and Information Sharing on Rabies among ASEAN Plus Three Countries – Call For Action Towards the Elimination of Rabies in ASEAN Member States, and the Plus Three Countries, Ha Long Viet Nam

Regional Reports

Other Publications


1. ASEAN E-Health Bulletin

Produced semi-annually, e-Health the Bulletin is an information sharing and dissemination tool of the ASEAN Health Cooperation. It highlights regional strategies and mechanisms agreed by ASEAN Member States to improve public health, as well as initiatives to address identified health priorities.

2. ASEAN EOC Network Newsletter

The ASEAN Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Network Newsletter is a platform for the dissemination and sharing of progress of the ‘ASEAN EOC Network Development and Activities Project’, a regional initiative of the ASEAN Health Cooperation led by Malaysia through the Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health. The Newsletter also aims to profile public health emergency operations centres of ASEAN Member States, such as their evolution and establishment, structure and capabilities, operational experience and future priorities among others.
The Project, implemented between November 2016 – March 2018, is part of the Mitigating Biological Threats under the ASEAN – Canada’s Global Partnership Programme.

issue_4_march_2017 EOC Newsletter
 Issue 7, July 2017
Issue 4, March 2017 Issue 5, April 2017 The ASEAN EOC Network Video Conference on ‘The VX Agent 3 March 2107
issue_2_jan_2017 issue_3_feb_2017
Issue 1, December 2016 Issue 2, January 2017 Issue 3, February 2017