Call for Applications for the 2016/17 ASEAN-U.S. Science and Technology Fellowship


Are you a scientist in an ASEAN country interested in applying your skills beyond the lab or the classroom? Have you wondered how your work could have a bigger impact on people’s lives?

There is only one week left to apply for the ASEAN-U.S. Science and Technology Fellowship for a unique professional opportunity to join a team of science leaders exploring ways to address key areas of concern to Asia’s citizens through science and policy. This Fellowship, supported by the U.S. government in cooperation with ASEAN, provides the opportunities, training and tools for early career scientists from ASEAN Member States to be more engaged in policies that drive national priorities and affect the lives of citizens in ASEAN. The 2016-17 Fellowship will be focused on the following priority areas:

·        sustainable energy

·        climate change and climate variability

·        science, technology, and innovation policy

If you are a scientist in an ASEAN country working in these priority areas and are looking to further your professional development, expand your regional network and try something new, apply today to be a 2016-17 ASEAN-U.S. Science and Technology Fellow!

Check out this video to hear from scientists who have already participated in this exciting opportunity:


Find more details about the Fellowship and submitting an application here