The Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN Countries representing the Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore and the Kingdom of Thailand:

CONCERNED with the health and welfare of mankind;

RECOGNIZING that the abuse of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is fraught with social and economic danger to mankind:

AWARE that the drug abuse seriously endangers the development programmes of the Member Countries in Particular, in developing countries in general, especially in relation to the life of the younger generation;

CONSIDERING the necessity of further developing and emphasizing ASEAN efforts to overcome the narcotic drug problem;

DESIRING to further intensify the aims and purposes of the Bangkok Declaration of 1967 and the Declaration of ASEAN Concord of 1976;


In the context of cooperation to combat the abuse of narcotic drugs, each Member Country shall:

      1. Intensify its vigilance and preventive and penal measures with regard to illict traffic in drug by:

            a). Organizing exchange of information on individuals, gangs and syndicates in the teritory of each member country;

            b). Organizing efforts to eliminate the illict cultivation of opium poppy, cannabis and coca bush;

            c). Organizing efforts to eliminate the illict manufacture of drugs.

      2. Organize cooperation in the fields of drug research and education.

      3. Institute improvements in national legislation aimed at intensifying the fight against the abuse of drugs and its consequences.

Each Member Country shall intensify the involvement of its national agencies in close liaison with the Colombo Plan Bureau, the United Nations and its specialized agencies, Interpol, and such other agencies involved in these activities to combat drug abuse.

Each Member Country shal carry on exchange of information and experiences:

      1. in the field of research;

      2. concerning illicit international drug trafficking, illicit manufacture and illicit cultivation, including modus operandi and identity of traffickers, manufactures and cultivators;

      3. relating to technical skill in combatting drug offences;

      4. in the field of laboratory investigation;

      5. in legal measures against drug crimes and offences;

      6. in community education and information;

      7. in preventive measures and vigilance with regard to cultivation and smuggling of drugs;

      8. in treatment and rehabilitation; and training in drugs control and investigation.

Done in Manila on the twenty-sixth day of June 1976.

For the Government of the Republic of Indonesia

Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the Government of Malaysia:

Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the Government of the Republic of the Philippines:

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

For the Government of the Republic of Singapore:

Minister of Foreign Affairs

For the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand:

Minister of Foreign Affairs