The ASEAN magazine was wrapping up work on this edition when Super Typhoon Goni ripped through the Philippines’ northeastern coast. Almost a million residents evacuated to safer grounds to avoid the expected storm surges. In just one month, five typhoons have struck the Mekong Delta region, displacing millions more and causing the loss of lives and property. Viet Nam bears the brunt of the strongest storm it has experienced in 20 years.

The region is experiencing the wrath of severe typhoons that have become more intense and frequent in recent years. The impact of these series of cyclones is a stark reminder that early warning systems, response, and risk reduction measures need to be in place before any disaster strikes.

The ASEAN Secretariat’s Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance Division and the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management discuss the regional mechanisms that are in place to prepare for and respond to this string of disasters in the region.


The ASEAN Magazine - Issue 6