We, the ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers, gathered in Bangkok, Thailand on 9 February 2007 for the Fourth ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers Meeting;

Affirming our condemnation of all terrorist acts, and reiterating our sympathy and condolences for the loss of lives in terrorist attacks worldwide;

Mindful of the ASEAN-Japan Joint Declaration for Cooperation to Combat International Terrorism agreed in November 2004, which stressed the need to develop cooperation to enhance national transport security as agreed in the framework of the ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers Meeting;

Acknowledging the remarkable achievements in the implementation of the ASEAN-Japan Aviation Security Project and ASEAN-Japan Maritime Transport Security Program under the ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership; and

Welcoming the Ministerial Declaration and Statements adopted at the Ministerial Conference on International Transport Security in January 2006, Tokyo;


  1. Resolve to take every practicable measure to prevent terrorist acts against all modes of transport systems, which form the foundation of today’s society, so that the systems are able to exercise a vital role in society and the economy;
  2. Give high priority to addressing remaining vulnerabilities in transport systems to terrorist acts while valuing the significant efforts of individual states, concerned transport stakeholders and international organizations such as the International Maritime Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization;
  3. Pay attention to capacity building assistance to those states that have not yet fully addressed the security threats to transport;
  4. Affirm that security measures must be based on an assessment of risk and be compatible with facilitating the legitimate flow of people and goods;
  5. Promote cooperation to enhance maritime security, including the implementation of the provisions of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code;
  6. Promote cooperation to enhance aviation security, focusing on the implementation of International Standards and Recommended Practices of Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, improvement of screening capability and air cargo security;
  7. Encourage the sharing of information necessary for enhancement of land transport security, bearing in mind the need to retain the benefits of land transport to national and regional economies such as ease of transport, punctuality and accessibility.

Adopted in Bangkok, Thailand on the Ninth day of February of the year Two Thousand and Seven.