WE the undersigned, attending the Sixth Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry in Manila on 4 – 5 October, 1984 on the invitation of His Excellency Salvador H. Escudero III, Minister of Agriculture and Food, Philippines;

RECALLING the declaration of ASEAN Concord signed in Bali, Indonesia, on 24 February 1976, which provides that ASEAN member countries shall take cooperative action in their national and regional development programmes;

NOTING the Manila Consensus arising from the First Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture in Manila on 28 – 29 August 1979 emphasizing, among others, the implementation of the ASEAN Quarantine Ring;

CONSCIOUS of the need for ASEAN to be free from major plant pests and the need to promote ntra-ASEAN and international trade in plants and plant products;

RECALLING the ASEAN Ministerial Understanding on Plant Quarantine Ring, Kuala Lumpur, 9 October 1982;



1. That the following areas within ASEAN countries have restricted distribution of A2 pests:

Socorro wilt of coconut Philippines (Mindoro Island)
Natuna wilt of coconut Indonesia (Natuna Island)
Globodera rostochiensis
(Golden nematode)
Philippines (Benguet Province)
Sexava nubila on coconut


(Kei and Aru Islands, Ceram, Bacan, Talaud and Napusa Islands, Irian Jaya)
Trogoderma granarium
(Khapra beetle)
Indonesia (Irian Jaya); Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia); Philippines (Cagayan de Uro City, Mindanao)
Acrocercops cramerella
(Cocoa pod borer)
Malaysia (Sabah); Philippines (Mindanao); Indonesia (Java, Halmahera, Sebatik Island)
Bunchy top virus of
Indonesia (Java)
Philippines (Davao)
    2 . That the rest of the territories in each of the ASEAN countries are plant pest free zones.

The present Understanding may be reviewed at any time if the member countries deem necessary.

DONE in Manila, Philippines on the Fifth of October, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Four in seven original copies in the English language.