WE, the undersigned, representing member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, attending the Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers of justice, Ministers of Law and Attor- neys-General in Bali on 11-12 April 1986 upon the invitation of His Excellency Mr. Ismail Saleh, Minister of justice of the Republic of Indonesia,

REAFFIRMING our commitment to the Bangkok Declaration of 8 August 1967 and the Declaration of ASEAN Concord of 24 February 1976, in particular to the latter’s programme of action,

RECALLING the Seventeenth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting of July 1984, Jakarta, at which it was observed that stress should be made in cooperation, including harmonization in the legal field on matters of mutual interest,

RECOGNISING the diversity of legal systems in the ASEAN member countries,

DESIRING to facilitate the realization of cooperation in the legal field on matters of mutual interest,


1. That legal cooperation among ASEAN countries shall initially comprise the following three aspects ;

(i) exchange of legal materials;

(ii) judicial co-operation, and

(iii) legal education and legal research

2. That the three aspects of legal cooperation shall be studied further by the Senior Legal Officials, ho may be assisted by one or more experts as they may deem necessary.

3. That the Ministers of justice, Ministers of La and Attorneys- General shall meet at such intervals as may be deemed appropriate and necessary in order to, inter alia, review the work of the Senior Legal Officials and give such directions as may be appropriate thereto.

Done in Bali, Indonesia, on the Twelfth Day of April in the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eighty Six.