Categories and Selection Criteria

  1. The Prize is to recognise inspiring achievements and inspiring contributions of an individual or organization, inter alia, to the building of a rules-based, people-oriented, people-centred ASEAN Community, and intra ASEAN collaborative efforts, in the following focused areas, taking into account the theme of ASEAN, as designated by the ASEAN Chair in that particular year:
    • Outstanding collaboration between ASEAN Member States (AMSs);
    • Outstanding collaboration between ASEAN and the world;
    • Outstanding people-to-people engagement among AMSs;
    • Outstanding economic integration and promotion of standards between AMSs; or
    • Other outstanding contributions to ASEAN Community Building
  1. There will be one prize winner each year selected by the Judging Committee (JC) based on the criteria as outlined in paragraph 1.
  2. For selection criteria, the nominee must be a citizen of or organisation in any ASEAN Member States (AMS). The nominee must show his/her or the organisation’s verifiable achievements in promoting intra-ASEAN collaboration and the impacts that have been made on ASEAN.  The nominee should also share his/her/organisation’s future plans in continuing the work after winning the Prize.
  3. Nominations from AMSs, which could be broadcast openly, would be collated by the National Focal Point, and shortlisted nominations would be submitted to the JC.

Award Ceremony

  1. The Prize, ideally, is proposed to be bestowed by ASEAN Leaders. However, considering the extensive approval process involved and required, the alternate option is to present the Prize during the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM).
  2. The ASEAN Chair of that particular year, has the discretion to decide whether the ASEAN Prize should be presented at the ASEAN Leaders Summit or the AMM.

Nominated candidates will be disqualified if found to have committed or acted contrary to the aims, objectives and fundamental principles and values of ASEAN as well as the domestic laws of the relevant AMS(s).

Please submit nominations to your respective National Focal Point, as listed below:

ASEAN Member States

National Focal Points for the ASEAN Prize

Brunei Darussalam Mr. Garry Ibrahim
Acting Director-General for ASEAN-Brunei Darussalam National Secretariat
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Cambodia General Department of ASEAN,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Indonesia Directorate of ASEAN Social and Cultural Cooperation,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Lao PDR ASEAN Political-Security Community Division,
Lao National ASEAN Secretariat
Malaysia ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Division,
ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat
Myanmar Mr. Hau Khan Sum,
Director-General, ASEAN Affairs Department,
the Philippines Division IV – ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community
ASEAN-Philippines National Secretariat
2330 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines
Tel.: 8344431, 8344470; Fax: 8321667
Singapore ASEAN-Singapore National Secretariat
Thailand Department of ASEAN Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ASEAN-Thailand National Secretariat)
Viet Nam ASEAN-Viet Nam National Secretariat