The Regional Strategy on Sustainable Land Transport of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) aims to help better put the region on the path of sustainable development, in which the transport sector plays an essential role. There are significant differences in national circumstances, such as the role of two-wheelers and informal transport, and levels of development between ASEAN Member States (AMSs). The present Strategy puts forward ASEAN’s vision for sustainable land transport, and a set of recommendations and possible actions for ASEAN to implement regional cooperation on sustainable land transport as well as provides guiding principles for national action plans and strategies that AMSs may consider. It thereby aims to assist policymakers at the regional and national levels in the transport, energy and environmental domains in advancing sustainable land transport.

The vision, guidance and recommended actions in this Strategy are non-binding, and ASEAN and each AMS have the option to develop their own visions and policies.

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