I. Economic Surveillance and Policy Dialogue in East Asia

  1.  Institute for International Monetary Affairs (Lead Researcher)
  2.  Angelo King Institue for Economic and Business Studies
  3.  Center for Strategic and International Studies

II. Trade, Investment and Financial Integration in East Asia

  1.  Daiwa Institute of Research (Lead Researcher
  2.  Universiti Putra Malaysia
  3.  Singapore Management University

III. Exploring Ways to Enhance the Functions of the Chiang Mai Initiative in the Medium Term

  1.  Chinese Academy of Social Science (Lead Researcher)
  2.  Institute for International Monetary Affairs
  3.  Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan
  4.  Dr. Johnny Noe E. Ravalo

IV. Role of Private Sector Development in Regional Economic Growth and Financial Integration

  • Final Report 
  1.  Wuhan University (Lead Researcher)
  2.  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  3.  Barclays Capital