The Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN countries representing the Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore and the Kingdom of Thailand : 

CONCERNED with the fostering and development of youth in ASEAN countries; 

RECOGNIZING the importance of active participation and integration of the ASEAN youth in sharing the future development and progress of ASEAN and the necessity of meeting the needs and aspiration of the youth in ASEAN countries; 

AWARE that only profound understanding of the current situation and likely prospects can lead to the promotion of the best educational, professional and living condition for the young people in ASEAN which will ensure their active participation and integration in national and regional development; 

CONSIDERING the necessity of strengthening ASEAN collaboration on youth; 

DESIRING to further intensify the alms and purposes of the Bangkok Declaration of 1967, and the Declaration of ASEAN Concord of 1976; 



in the content of strengthening ASEAN collaboration of youth, each Member Country either individually or collectively in ASEAN shall endeavour : 


1. To create appropriate environments which facilitate the promotion and development of the creativity and responsibility of youth and the participation and integration of youth in national and regional development. 

2. To promote policies and programmes relating to youth as an integral part of social, moral, cultural, spiritual and economic development. 

3. To increase employment opportunities through formulation of effective programmes, national policies and plans to reduce youth unemployment. 

4. To expand the base of youth participation and integration at the national and regional levels of development, such as through mobilization, consultation, participation in decision making and provision of services. 

5. To create the opportunity that will enable all young persons to benefit from the educational programmes and activities at national and regional levels, to ensure access to education at every level and to make available technical and vocational training, to incalculate self discipline in society. 

6. To facilitate youth exchange and youth cooperation at national and regional levels to strengthen the relationship among the youth of ASEAN. 

7. To promote the involvement of youth and the exchange of information on youth and related issues, in particular through improving and expanding the channel of communication among ASEAN member countries, as a contribution to the establishment of the new international information order. 

8. To strengthen solidarity in the international youth forum by promoting harmonization of views, coordinating positions and, where possible and desirable taking common action. 

9. To enhance active participation of youth and non-governmental youth organizations in society, and in particular the promotion and achievement of national and regional development, toward strengthening the national and regional resilience. 

10. To support the efforts of national and regional non-governmental youth organizations in the development of their constructive and responsible activities.

DONE in Bangkok on this twenty-fourth day of June, 1983 in a single copy in the English language.