Rules of Procedures and Criteria for Engagement for Entities Associated with ASEAN

ASEAN may engage with entities which support the ASEAN Charter, in particular its purposes and principles.

I. Parliamentarians

  1. ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA)

II. Business Organisations

  1. ASEAN Airlines Meeting
  2. ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Association (AAHSA)
  3. ASEAN Automotive Federation (AAF)
  4. ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA)
  5. ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC)
  6. ASEAN Business Forum (ABF)
  7. ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASEAN-CCI)
  8. ASEAN Chemical Industries Council
  9. ASEAN Federation of Textiles Industries (AFTEX)
  10. ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC)
  11. ASEAN Insurance Council (AIC)
  12. ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (ASEAN IPA)
  13. ASEAN International Airports Association (AAA)
  14. ASEAN Iron & Steel Industry Federation
  15. ASEAN Pharmaceutical Club
  16. ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA)
  17. Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA)
  18. Federation of ASEAN Shippers’ Council
  19. US-ASEAN Business Council

III. Think Tanks and Academic Institution

  1. ASEAN-ISIS Network

IV. ASEAN-Accredited Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

List of ASEAN-Accredited Civil Society Organization (as of October 2014)

V. Other Stakeholders

  1. ASEAN Chiefs of Police (ASEANAPOL)
  2. ASEAN Supreme Audit Institutions (ASEANSAI)
  3. Federation of Institutes of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN (FIFSTA)
  4. Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Centre (SEAFDEC)
  5. Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism