1. The Thirteenth Forum was held in Singapore from 17 to 18 May 1990.
  2. The Forum was opened by Mr. Peter Sung, Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Acting Minister reviewed the past priority areas of the Forum’s relationship including trade and investment and also listed the new areas of cooperative endeavour such as Environment, Telecommunications and Education upon which the two sides were now poised to embark to give greater substance to their relationship. He welcomed the trend towards greater private sector involvement in the Forum.
  3. The participation of the ASEAN-Australia Business Council (AABC) for the second year running helped to contribute to the further consolidation of the ASEAN-Australia relationship. The ASEAN and the Australian Sections of the AABC presented papers containing proposals on the expansion of trade and investment prospects. ASEAN and Australia undertook to study the proposals made by the private sector.
  4. The Forum exchanged views on international and regional developments and their potential implications for the ASEAN-Australia relationship. Issues such as the need for a successful outcome of the Uruguay Round, information technology and the rapid growth of trade flows within the Asia-Pacific region were highlighted.
  5. On trade matters, the Forum welcomed the growth in the two-way trade between ASEAN and Australia and the prospects for more substantial trade links and the increase in complementarities.
  6. In the area of investment, the Forum noted that in the last few years there had been a drop in Australia’s direct investment in ASEAN. The Forum agreed on the need for measures to intensify efforts to promote a greater flow of such investments.
  7. The Forum endorsed the report of the ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme (AAECP) Joint Planning Committee (JPC), held in Singapore from 14-15 May 1990, which reviewed the progress of AAECP 11 and identified new projects or extensions of current projects for consideration and implementation. Under the AAECP, Australia is contributing A$35 million over a period of five years from. 1989 to 1994 to finance projects in various areas such as trade and investment, micro electronics, energy, biotechnology and marine science.
  8. The Forum welcomed the introduction of environmental cooperation as a new dimension in ASEAN-Australia relations. The Forum explored possible areas of cooperation which would be developed by experts from ASEAN and Australia.
  9. The Forum noted the key role being played by telecommunications in the economic relationship between ASEAN and Australia and the rapid pace of both technological and policy development in this field., The Forum was of the view that it would be mutually beneficial if experts from both sides could exchange information regarding telecommunications issues.
  10. The Forum recognised the key role that education, research and training plays in economic and social development and welcomed several proposals advanced by Australia to promote regional interaction.
  11. The Meeting noted the launching of the ASEAN Science Fund and the holding of the Third ASEAN Science and Technology Week in Singapore in 1992. Australia agreed to consider its contribution and participation in these two areas.
  12. Australia will host the 14th Forum in 1991.