1. The Second ASEAN-EEC Conference on industrial Cooperation was held in Jakarta from 26 to 28 February 1979 in a spirit of friendship and cooperation. The Conference was officially opened by H.E. Soeharto, President of the Republic of Indonesia. It was attended by 776 official participants from the EEC and ASEAN countries and numerous supporting staff from Europe.
  2. The Conference was co-sponsored by ASEAN, the EEC Commission and four European Banking Groups, ABECOR, EBIC, EUROPARTNERS and INTERALPHA.
  3. The Conference discussed in depth the following eight sectors:

    i) Chemical Industries, attended by 130 participants
    ii) Electrical and Electronic Industries, attended by 102 participants
    iii) industrial Transformation of Agricultural products, attended by 143 participants
    iv) Machinery and Metal Engineering Industries, attended by 145 participants
    v) Timber and Timber-based Industries, attended by 124 participants
    vi) Precision Engineering Industries, attended by 63 participants
    vii) Transport and Communications Equipment manufacturing Industries, attended by 116 participants
    viii) Export Crop Plantation, attended by 101 participants

  4. The Sectoral Discussions were accompanied by many individual private meetings.
  5. The number of appointments made by the participants indicated the great interest they attached to the Conference.
  6. The Conference is considered as a major step forward in ASEAN-EEC Cooperation and expressed a strong desire to intensify the existing links through joint ventures in the field of capital investment transfer of technology and know-how as well as of operational skill in industrial cooperation.
  7. The promising outcome of the Conference has convinced the ASEAN governments and the Commission of the European Communities of the necessity to put into effect as soon as possible the decisions of the Ministerial Meeting of November 1978 which envisaged the creation of a permanent forum for the continuation of the contacts and initiatives between businessmen of both region.
  8. The Meeting recognized the importance of close collaboration between private sectors of the to regional economic groupings.
  9. In this context the ASEAN – CCI will have an increasingly significant role to play.