Youth is an important section of the population in any country and are in need of attention as they are both our current and future leaders and the catalyst for economic, social and cultural development. In order to facilitate effective youth development, there is a need for more evidence-based policies on youth development. This is where the Youth Development Index (YDI) becomes important as the basis for formulating related policies and programmes on youth development both at ASEAN and AMS levels. ASEAN, as part of its commitment to youth development, began its preparation of the ASEAN YDI in 2016. A number of meetings and workshops were held in 2015 and 2016 to discuss and obtain an agreement on the preparation of the ASEAN YDI (twice in Cambodia and twice in Indonesia). This Report reflects the development of an overall framework and presents the first iteration of the ASEAN YDI incorporating internationally available data from credible sources.

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