• At the invitation of the Government’ of Thailand, the First Meeting of ASEAN Ministers of Science and Technology ,as held in Pattaya during the period of 27-28 October, 1980.
  • This Meeting was concerned as a forum for exchanging concepts, views and ideas among participants from ASEAN Countries and bodies like ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST).
  • The Meeting was attended by H.E. Dr. B.J. Habibie, the Indonesia. Minister of State for Research and Technology, H.E. Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, the Malaysia Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, H.E. Dr. Melecio S. Magno, the Philippine Minister of Science and Chairman of the National Science Development Board, H.E. E.W. Barker, the Singapore Minister of Law, Science and Technology and H.E. Dr. Anuwat Wattanapongsiri, the Thai Minister of Science, Technology and Energy.
  • The Meeting as inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Thanat Khoman, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand.
  • The Meeting unanimously elected H.E. Dr. Anuwat Wattanapongsiri, Minister of Science, Technology and Energy of Thailand as its Chairman.
  • Country papers of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand were presented.
  • The Meeting agreed on the following ways of cooperation:

    (a) Considering the cooperation on scientific activities within ASEAN, the First Meeting of ASEAN Ministers of Science and Technology decided that the matter should be one for further deliberation, and that in the meantime the present practice of bilateral assistance on an ad-hoc basis among member countries be continued.

    (b) The Meeting discussed the existing scientific activities and noted their increasing importance for the development of the member countries. In order to strengthen cooperation in science and technology, the Meeting agreed to propose to their respective Governments the following ways of cooperation:

    (i) The Meeting agreed that ASEAN Ministers and/or officials of science and technology should meet to formulate policies and guidelines for ASEAN cooperation in the field science and technology.

    (ii) The Meeting considered that the feasibility an ASEAN Trust Fund set up from International organizations and third countries be studied in support of ASEAN cooperation in the field of science and technology for development and this matter should be given urgent consideration at the next COST meeting.

    (iii)The Meeting agreed to encourage exchange of scientific and technological information among ASEAN member countries through the Bureau of Science and Technology ASEAN Secretariat.

    (iv) The Meeting agreed that more technical meetings and workshops among scientists and technologists be encouraged in order to exchange views and share knowledge.

    (v) The Meeting agreed that recognized professional scientific societies be supported by the member countries in organizing cooperative activities.

    (vi) The Meeting agreed to exchange scientists and technologists among ASEAN countries to work in research institutions.

    (vii)The Meeting agreed that research and development institutions be strengthened and continued.

    (viii) The Meeting agreed to encourage COST to formulate plans of action on science and technology.

    (ix)The Meeting agreed to share knowledge on science policy and planning periodically.

    (x) The Meeting agreed to request COST to deal with scientific activities which are in the research and development stage, and other ASEAN committees such as COIME, COFAF, COSD to deal with activities which have reached the commercial stage.

  • The Meeting was held in the traditional spirit of ASEAN solidarity and cordiality.