1. The Transport Ministers of ASEAN and Japan met for the Fourth ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM +Japan) in Bangkok, Thailand on 9 February 2007.  H.E. Admiral Thira Hao-Charoen, Minister of Transport of Thailand chaired the Meeting with H.E. Mr. Shigetaro Yamamoto, Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan as Co-Chairman.
  2. In view of the need to develop cooperation to enhance national transport security, the Ministers adopted the ASEAN-Japan Ministerial Declaration on Transport Security. To embody the declaration, the Ministers recognized the importance of taking every practicable measure to prevent terrorist acts against all modes of transport systems, valuing the efforts of international organizations and implementing capacity building assistance.
  3. The Ministers were pleased with the steady implementation and development of the 21 joint projects under the ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership (list as attached).  The Ministers supported the work plans of these projects for the year 2007, which had contributed significantly in raising the levels of human and institutional capability in areas, such as transport security, urban transport development, transfer of technical know-how and technology for efficient and sustainable transport services.  The Ministers reaffirmed their commitment to ensure the steady implementation of these joint projects.  The ASEAN Ministers expressed their appreciation to Japan for its continuing support to ASEAN.
  4. A significant progress of joint projects was the Ministers’ approval of the “ASEAN-Japan Regional Action Plan on Port Security”, which will enhance the port facilities security coping with the new International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.  The Ministers also endorsed the “Recommendations for the ASEAN-Japan New Air Navigation System” to cope with the increasing air traffic in the intra-Asia area, as well as to improve air transport safety in the region.  The Ministers acknowledged that these two achievements would serve as the transport policy guideline in the ASEAN and Japan region.
  5. The Ministers welcomed Japan’s new initiative (the Public-Private Partnership on International Logistics Competitiveness) to create Asia-wide Seamless Logistics Partnership (ASLP) through the reduction of cost and lead-time for logistics.  The Ministers viewed that such an initiative, which can synergize with the existing ASEAN-Japan Transport Logistics Project (AJTF-1), would be useful and relevant to the ASEAN’s ongoing effort in pursuing an integrated logistics services sector.  As such, the Ministers tasked the senior officials to further explore collaboration on this issue, and to provide an update at the Fifth ATM-Japan Meeting in November 2007 in Singapore.



  1. H.E. Pehin Dato Abu Bakar Apong, Minister of Communications of Brunei Darussalam;
  2. H.E. Mr. Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia;
  3. H.E. Mr. Wendy Aritenang, Secretary General, Ministry of Transportation of Indonesia;
  4. H.E. Mr. Shigetaro Yamamoto, Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan;
  5. H.E. Mr. Math Soumala, Director-General, Planning and Cooperation Department, Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction of Lao PDR;
  6. H.E. Dato’ Sri Chan Kong Choy, Minister of Transport of Malaysia;
  7. H.E. Maj. Gen. Thein Swe, Minister of Transport of Myanmar;
  8. H.E. Ms Anneli. R Lontoc, Undersecretary (Deputy Minister) for Road Transport and Chairman, International Affairs, Department of Transportation and Communications of the Philippines;
  9. H.E. Mr. Raymond Lim Siang Keat, Minister for Transport of Singapore;
  10. H.E. Admiral Thira Hao-Charoen, Minister of Transport of Thailand;
  11. H.E. Mr. Ho Nghia Dung, Minister of Transport of Viet Nam; and
  12. H.E. Mr. Ong Keng Yong, Secretary-General of ASEAN


List of 21 ASEAN and Japan Transport Partnership Projects

(Transport Facilitation)
 AJTF-1: Transport Logistics Project

(Air Transport)
AJAT-1: New Air Navigation System
AJAT-2: Aviation Security Project
AJAT-3: Airport Study Project

(Maritime Transport)
 AJMT-1: Seafarers Policy Cooperation
AJMT-2: Maritime Transport Security Program
AJMT-3: Cruise Promotion Project
AJMT-4: High Speed Maritime Network Project
AJMT-5: “Mega-Float” Promotion Project
AJMT-6: Port Technology Research Project
AJMT-7: Cooperation on Coast Guard Development

(Land Transport)
 AJLT-1: Public Transport Smart Card Initiative
AJLT-2: Intelligent Transport System Development
AJLT-3: Automobile Technical Cooperation Project on Safety and Environment
AJLT-4: Road Signage Harmonization
AJLT-5: ASEAN Railways Revival Plan
AJLT-6: Urban Transport Policy Framework
AJLT-7: Alternative Fuel Project for Transport Sector
AJLT-8: Road Transport Safety Project

AJOA-1: Transport Policy Officials Training in Japan
AJOA-2: Transport Information Platform Project