This document, the Sustainable Land Transport Indicators on Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions in the ASEAN – Guidelines, builds on the ASEAN Kuala Lumpur Strategic Plan 2016-2025 and implement its Sustainable Transport (ST) milestone ST-2.3 on the development of a monitoring framework and harmonised approach for indicators on energy and GHG emissions in the transport sector.

It was developed during a two-year process (from October 2016 to November 2018) led by the Expert Group on Sustainable Land Transport and through the facilitation of the ASEAN Secretariat and guided by the ASEAN Land Transport Working Group and adopted by the ASEAN Transport Ministers. It was supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale in the Land Transport Sector in the ASEAN Region. Accompanying these Guidelines is a background report which was published in November 2016. This report gives more detailed information about the background and the process of defining and suggesting indicators for ASEAN,

Download the full publication here.