The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) by 2025 is envisaged to be a highly integrated and cohesive; a more competitive, innovative and dynamic as well as a resilient, inclusive and people-oriented, people-centred community, which generates prosperity for all stakeholders including consumers and business.

The development of a dynamic economy and a people-oriented, people-centred ASEAN cannot take place without strengthening the consumer protection framework of ASEAN Member States. With a market of over 600 million consumers, increasing purchasing power and a young demographic profile, ASEAN represents a growing marketplace for businesses to sell its products and services. Consumer protection  policies and laws are therefore a necessary adjunct  to ensure consumers buy with trust and confidence and businesses abide by a code of good conduct that enhance consumers’ trust. Furthermore, consumer policies and laws would also need to respond to new
and emerging challenges and opportunities facing ASEAN. This includes cross-border e-commerce and other new trading and payment methods resulting from globalisation and technological advancement, requiring governments to find innovative ways to protect and promote the interests of consumers.

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