The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia:

H.E. Mr. Adam Malik,

the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia:

H.E. Tun Abdul Razak,

the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines:

H.E. Mr. Narciso Ramos,

the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore:

H.E. Mr. S. Rajaratnam, and

the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand:

HE. Mr. Thanat Khoman,

met in Jakarta on August 6 and 7, 1968 for the second ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and after fruitful consultations, reached the following decisions and conclusions:

  1. They expressed their deepest appreciation to the Chairman and members of the Standing Committee, the Secretaries, General and members of the staffs of the National Secretariats, as well as to the members of the delegations to the five Ad Hoc Committees for their continuous endeavour and devotion in the promotion of the activities of ASEAN. They further noted with satisfaction that after industrious preparation, ASEAN has reached the operational stage in the implementation of its projects.
  2. The Ministers adopted unanimously the First Annual Report of ASEAN.
  3. The Ministers also adopted the Recommended Program of Work in the light of various observations made by Delegations.
  4. They agreed to set up an Ad Hoc Committee to study financial matters connected with ASEAN projects, including the possibilities of a Joint Fund.
  5. They further agreed to the establishment of the following Permanent Committees:
    Food Production and Supply, including Fisheries as well as a permanent ASEAN consultation and implementation machinery directly responsible to this Committee;
    Civil Air Transportation;
    Communication/Air Traffic Service/Meteorology; and,
  6. They welcomed the offer of services made by ECAFF to carry out an economic survey.
  7. They agreed that the next seat of the Standing Committee will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  8. They agreed that the Third ASEAN Ministerial Meeting will be held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the course of 1969.
  9. The Minister expressed their highest appreciation and gratitude to the Government of Indonesia and the ASEAN National Secretariat of Indonesia for the excellent arrangements for the Meeting as well as for the warm and generous welcome extended to the Delegations.
  10. The Meeting was held in an atmosphere of perfect cordiality, mutual understanding and goodwill. The Ministers reaffirmed their faith in the ASEAN Declaration as the expression of their collective will to attain stability and peace in the region as a prerequisite for the well-being and prosperity of the ASEAN peoples.
  11. Done in Jakarta on the Seventh Day of August in the Year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Sixty-Eight.