1 . The Sixth Meeting of the Japan-ASEAN Forum was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, on 26 – 27 May, 1983. The Meeting was attended by Delegates from Japan and the ASEAN member countries. The Secretary General of the ASEAN Secretariat was also present.

2. The Japanese Delegation was led by Mr. Hiroshi Hashimoto, Director General of the Asian Affair, Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The leader of the Indonesian Delegation, Mr. Adiwoso Abubakar acted as Spokesman for the ASEAN Delegations.

3. The Meeting was officially opened by His Excellency, Mr. Yozo Ishikawa, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan.

4. The Meeting discussed a wide range of subjects on cooperation activities in the field of Trade and Commodity, Investment, Economic and Technical Cooperation Cultural Cooperation and Cooperation n Science and Technology.

5. The Japanese side explained the current economic situation of Japan and the ASEAN side stated that the period of the oil crises which brought severe economic recession to most of the industrialized countries had also adversely affected the economies of the ASEAN member countries.

6 . The Meeting expressed satisfaction that total trade between Japan and ASEAN has increased more than twice during the last five years making ASEAN japans second largest trading partner after the United States. ASEAN, however, pointed out that less than six percent of her total exports to Japan are in the form of manufactured products and that the bulk of ASEAN exports to Japan continue to comprise mainly raw materials and fuel. in that connection the ASEAN side requested Japan to make every possible effort to take further market-opening measures for ASEAN products including the tariff reduction, improvement of the preferential scheme, and enlarging the import quota. The ASEAN side stated that the ASEAN countries appreciated the statement mad, by Prime Minister Nakasone during his recent visit to the ASEAN countries in which he said. Japan will continue to take full heed of the wishes of the ASEAN countries and to endeavour to further open its market.

7. The Japanese side explained market-opening measures taken by the Government of Japan -since the Fifth Japan-ASEAN Forum, January 1982, including elimination and relaxation of tariffs on certain products, relaxations of import restrictions, improvements in testing procedure for imported goods, the establishment of OTO and improvements in standards and certification systems. Also explained as the consideration to enlarge the total ceiling quota on GSP industrial products by about 50 percent in FY 1984. As to ASEAN export products to Japan, the Japanese side stated, among others, that it would take into consideration the statement of Prime Minister Nakasone on the reduction of tariffs on bananas, boneless chicken and palm oil which as made during his recent visit to the ASEAN countries.

8 . The Meeting agreed that close ASEAN – Japan cooperation had contributed to the success of various international efforts to solve commodity problems.

9. The Meeting noted that the Japan – ASEAN Development Corporation will engage in investment for and financing of ASEAN projects initiated by ASEAN Finance Corporation and expressed the hope that the Development Corporation will expand t o enable further promotion of Japan-ASEAN relations.

10. The Meeting expressed satisfaction that the ASEAN Regional Studies Promotion Programme has been successfully launched and that the Overview Papers on the research theme of Japan-ASEAN industrial cooperation would be completed in July 1985. The Meeting, however, felt that for the programme to continue on viable basis, adequate and assured support would be necessary. In this regard, the ASEAN side welcomed the Japanese Governments decision to allocate Y 60 million for the Project in FY 1983.

11. The Meeting concurred that the economic and technical cooperation between Japan and ASEAN was progressing smoothly and agreed to explore further possibilities of promoting such cooperation in agricultural developments, energy development, and other fields. As a tangible result of the discussions it was agreed that both sides would start preparation to set up the Poultry Disease Research and Training Centre as an ASEAN-Japan cooperation project.

12. The Meeting noted with satisfaction the smooth progress of the ASEAN Human Resources Development Project and expressed its appreciation and hope that the project will contribute to the nation building of ASEAN member countries and the welfare of the people of ASEAN.

13. The Meeting noted with appreciation the initiative taken by Prime Minister Nakasone on the occasion of his recent visit to the ASEAN countries to promote Japan-ASEAN cooperation in the field of science and technology, which was welcomed by all the leaders of the ASEAN countries.

14. The Meeting agreed that Japan-ASEAN cooperation in science and technology should be developed and strengthened on a continuing basis and noted that in this regard sound financial arrangement should be assured.

15. The Meeting took note of Japans intention to despatch a mission at the earliest possible date to ASEAN countries in order to study the present and future needs of the ASEAN countries, and to explore opportunities for future cooperation in the field of science and technology, with a view to making the proposed Ministerial Meeting a success.

16. it further noted the suggestion by Japan that the Ministerial Meeting be convened towards the end of 1983.

17. The Meeting noted with satisfaction the progress made on various cultural programmes implemented under the ASEAN Cultural Fund as well as the utilization of Japans Scholarship for ASEAN Youth provided since 1980.

18. With regard to The Friendship Programme for the 21st Century proposed by Prime Minister Nakasone during his recent visit to the ASEAN countries, the Japanese side explained the outline of the programme for the information of the ASEAN countries, and agreed to consult with them concerning its implementation.

19. The Seventh Meeting of the Japan-ASEAN Forum will be held in Indonesia at a date to be mutually agreed upon in 1984.

20. The ASEAN Delegations expressed their appreciation to the Government of Japan for hosting the Sixth Meeting of the Japan-ASEAN Forum and for the hospitality accorded to them.