1. The First ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers (ATM +Japan) Meeting was held on 25 October 2003 in Yangon, Myanmar. H.E. Maj. Gen. Hla Myint Swe, Minister of Transport for Myanmar and H.E. Mr. Yousuke Tsuruho, Parliamentary Secretary for Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan, co-chaired the First ATM + Japan.

2.     The Ministers welcomed the signing of the Framework for Comprehensive Economic Partnership between ASEAN and Japan at the recently concluded ASEAN-Japan Summit in Bali, Indonesia. The Ministers were gratified that the ASEAN and Japan leaders provided impetus in the area of Transportation and Logistics through mutual cooperation for efficient cargo transport system, safe and sustainable shipping and safe and efficient air transport. Intensified collaboration in the transport and logistics sector will greatly assist ASEAN member countries in preparing for the ASEAN Economic Community.

3.        The Ministers endorsed the Terms of Reference for ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership, as well as the 16 joint projects for implementation and their workplans for 2003-2004. ASEAN-Japan partnership covers policy dialogue, enhancing human resource development and cooperation in the facilitation of cargo transport, physical distribution and logistics, enhancing safety in maritime transport, enhancing safety and efficiency of international air transport services, and promotion of advanced transport technologies to ensure security and protect the environment. The list of the16 ASEAN-Japan transport partnership projects is presented in the Annex.

4.        Japan will organize a Seminar on Maritime Security and Combating Piracy in Tokyo in December 2003. The ASEAN-Japan logistics experts group will also have its first meeting in Tokyo in November 2003. The Seminar on Air Navigation System will be held in Tokyo in January 2004. The Second ASEAN-Japan Transport Policy Workshop will also be convened in Tokyo, Japan in the second quarter of 2004, to assess the implementation progress of the 16 projects, as well as consider new project proposals.

5. The Second ATM + Japan will be held in Cambodia in October 2004.

The Ministers in attendance for the First ATM + Japan are as follows:

(i) H.E. Pehin Dato Haji Zakaria Sulaiman, Minister of Communications, Brunei Darussalam;

(ii) H.E. Mr. Chhin Kong Hean, Director General of Public Works and Transport, Cambodia;

(iii) H. E. Mr. Agum Gumelar, Minister of Communications, Indonesia;

(iv) H.E. Mr. Yousuke Tsuruho, Parliamentary Secretary for Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan;

(v) H.E. Mr. Bouathong Vonglokham, Minister of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction, Lao PDR;

(vi) H.E. Dato’ Chan Kong Choy, Minister of Transport, Malaysia;

(vii) H.E. Major General Hla Myint Swe, Minister of Transport, Myanmar;

(viii) H.E. Mr. Arturo T. Valdez, Deputy Minister of Transport, Philippines;

(ix)  H.E. Mr. Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister for Transport, Singapore;

(x) H.E. Mr. Nikorn Chamnong,  Deputy Minister of Transport, Thailand;

(xi) H.E. Mr. Pham The Minh,  Vice Minister of Transport, Viet Nam; and

(xii) H.E. Mr. Ong Keng Yong, ASEAN Secretary General. 

ANNEX: ASEAN –Japan Transport Partnership Projects

1) Maritime Transport Security Program
2) Transport Logistics Project
3) Transport Policy Officials Training in Japan
4) Seafarers Policy Cooperation
5) New Air Navigation System
6) Automobile Technical Cooperation Project on Safety and Environment
7) ASEAN Railways Revival Plan
8) Cruise Promotion Project
9) Port Technology Research Project
10) Urban Transport Policy Framework
11) Cooperation on Coast Guard Development
12) Public Transport Smart Card Initiative
13) High Speed Maritime Network Project
14) “Mega-Float” Promotion Project
15) Intelligent Transport System Development
16) Road Signage Harmonization in ASEAN