Singapore, 26 April 2007

“Youth: Creating Our Future Together”

  1. The 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth (AMMY V) was convened on 26 April 2007. The AMMY V was preceded by the Preparatory Senior Officials Meeting for the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth held on 24-25 April 2007 in Singapore.  AMMY V, with its theme of “Youth: Creating Our Future Together” is in line with the direction given by the Leaders at the 12th ASEAN Summit in Cebu, Philippines held on 13 January 2007, during which the Leaders encouraged promotion of involvement of ASEAN youth in contributing towards achievement of ASEAN Community.
  2. The Meeting was officially opened by His Excellency Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore.
  3. In his Keynote Address, Mr Lee Hsien Loong highlighted that 2007 is a special year for ASEAN, being its 40th Anniversary, and remarked that ASEAN has grown as a regional organisation based on consensus and collaboration.  He urged Member Countries to build on the progress achieved so far and to strengthen itself politically and economically in order to take ASEAN forward and to effectively address the challenges facing ASEAN. 
  4. Turning to the theme for AMMY V, Mr Lee Hsien Loong said that this was a message to the young people in ASEAN that they have a role to play in shaping the region’s future, and that they can begin to do that now.  The inclusion of the first Youth Caucus at AMMY V reflected the commitment to engage ASEAN youth, as they bring their perspectives to the ASEAN Ministers.  Mr Lee Hsien Loong also announced the launch of the Singapore-ASEAN Youth Fund, which will provide S$5million for youth-related projects in ASEAN.  This contribution also commemorates ASEAN’s 40th Anniversary and demonstrates Singapore’s commitment to its ASEAN partners.
  5. As host of AMMY V, H.E. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan extended a warm welcome to the Ministers and their delegations and to the ASEAN Secretary-General, and thanked them for their participation at AMMY V.  He highlighted the significance of youth participation at AMMY V for the very first time and looked forward, together with the rest of the Ministers, to hearing their views and engaging them in dialogue.
Youth Caucus
  1. Youth representatives from the Youth Caucus held concurrently with AMMY V presented their discussions and recommendations to the Ministers for consideration.  The representatives thanked the Ministers for organising the Youth Caucus and for giving them a platform to share their views and engage with the Ministers.
  2. The Youth Caucus had discussed 4 topics concerning youth, namely Education, Environment, Employment & Entrepreneurship and Engagement.  Their key recommendations were:
    1. Education
      1. An online Youth Portal for ASEAN Youth
      2. An annual Youth Caucus to follow up on discussions and project implementation
    2. Engagement
      1. An ASEAN Youth Festival to showcase youth talent
      2. An ASEAN Volunteer Coordination Agency of governmental bodies and NGOs to link up volunteers in ASEAN
    3. Environment
      1. An ASEAN Youth Environment Network
    4. Employment & Entrepreneurship
      1. A compilation of best practices in ASEAN
      2. A Youth Caucus Alumni
  3. Aside from the Youth Caucus, a dedicated website to raise awareness of ASEAN amongst youth and to gather their views on what they hope to see at ASEAN has been set up at  More than 2,500 responses have been received to the questions posed on how youth would like to contribute to ASEAN.  The questions mirror the same topics discussed at the Youth Caucus.
  4. The Ministers shared their views and experiences on efforts undertaken individually and collectively to engage and develop youth in ASEAN Member Countries through their Ministerial Statements, which reflected AMMY V’s theme of “Youth: Creating Our Future Together”.  Highlights of each Ministerial Statement were read.
  5. Ministers also engaged in a dialogue as they shared ideas on greater youth involvement at AMMY and in the policy-making process both in their own individual countries and at the larger ASEAN platform.
Report of the Preparatory Senior Officials Meeting of the 5th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth
  1. Mr Ng How Yue, Director of National Youth Council, Singapore, summarised the highlights of the Report of the Preparatory Senior Officials Meeting of AMMY V for adoption by the Meeting. The Meeting unanimously adopted the Report.
  2. The Meeting is pleased with the progress of projects undertaken under the Work Programme on Preparing ASEAN Youth for Sustainable Employment and Other Challenges of Globalisation (the “Work Programme”), which seeks to implement the Yangon 2000 Declaration on Preparing ASEAN Youth for the Challenges of Globalisation.  The 4 priority areas identified by the Work Programme are A) Policy Development; B) Promoting ASEAN Awareness and Civic Responsibility; C) Promoting Employability of Youth; and D) Other Issues (Information Exchange, Promoting NGO Involvement and Other Non-Project Activities).
  3. In particular, the Meeting noted with appreciation the completion of programmes which arose from AMMY IV in 2003.
Youth Involvement at AMMY
  1. The Ministers noted with appreciation the inclusion of a concurrent Youth Caucus during AMMY V for the first time, and participation of the Youth Caucus at AMMY V through its dialogue with the Ministers. The Ministers commended the youth representatives for the excellent ideas raised and were supportive of implementing worthwhile projects.
  2. The Ministers agreed for this to be a permanent arrangement at future AMMY meetings, since such participation is in line with 3 of the 4 priority areas under the Work Programme, namely, Policy Development, Promoting ASEAN Awareness and Civic Responsibility, and Other Issues (Information Exchange/Promoting Linkages with East Asian Countries and Enhancing Participation of NGO/Private Sector).
  3. The Ministers re-affirmed their commitment to youth in ASEAN, and agreed in particular to the following:
    1. the importance of youth involvement and youth voice at future AMMY meetings in order to gain youth perspectives for policy and programme formulation;
    2. the continued engagement of ASEAN youth in the vision of ASEAN to harness their capabilities, potential and talents.  By giving them a say and a stake in the well-being of ASEAN, our youth can become meaningful contributors to the future of ASEAN;
    3. the importance of providing ASEAN youth with opportunities, resources and support to develop youth who are educated, self-confident and able to harness the opportunities created by globalisation yet equipped to deal with the challenges that it brings.
  4. The Ministers expressed their appreciation to Singapore for the hospitality as host of the Preparatory Senior Officials Meeting of AMMY V and AMMY V.
  5. The Meeting was held in the traditional spirit of ASEAN cordiality and solidarity.



List of Ministers or their representatives

The Meeting was attended by:

  1. H.E. Pehin Dato Haji Mohammad bin Haji Daud
    Minister of of Culture, Youth and Sports
    Brunei Darussalam
  2. H.E Dr Kol Pheng
    Senior Minister and Minister of Education, Youth and Sports
  3. H.E Prof. Dr. Toho Cholik Mutohir, PhD
    Secretary to the Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports
  4. H.E  Mr Vilayvong Bouddakham
    Deputy Secretary General of Lao People’s Revolutionary Youth Union
    Lao PDR
  5. H.E. Dato’ Liow Tiong Lai
    Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports
  6. H.E. Brigadier-General Thura Aye Myint
    Minister for Sports and President of the Myanmar Olympic Committee
  7. H.E Mr Richard Alvin M. Nalupta
    Chairman and CEO of National Youth Commision
  8. H.E Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
    Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports,
    Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and 
    Chairman of National Youth Council
  9. H.E. Dr Poldej Pinprateep MD.
    Deputy Minister of Social Development and Human Security
  10. H.E Mr Vo Van Thuong
    Chairman of National Committee on Youth
  11. H.E Mr Ong Keng Yong
    Secretary-General of ASEAN