1. The First Meeting of ASEAN Economic Ministers on Energy Cooperation was held in Bali, Indonesia, on 29-30 September 1980.

2. The Meeting as attended by H.E. Datuk Leo MoggIe Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and Posts f Malaysia; H.E. Mr. Geronimo Z. Velasco, Minister of Energy of the Philippines; H.E. Goh Chok Tong, Minister for Trade and Industry of Singapore; H.E. Dr. Anuwar Wattanapongsiri, Minister of Science, Technology and Energy of Thailand and H.E. Mr. Subroto, Minister of Mines and Energy of Indonesia and their respective delegations.

3. H.E. Mr. Narciso G. Reyes, the Secretary-General of the ASEAN Secretariat was also in attendance
The Meting was officially opened by H.E.Adam Malik Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia at the Pertamina Cottages in the presence of other dignitaries. In his opening address, the Vice-President among others stated that it was a privilege for him to inaugurate two important ASEAN Ministerial Meetings of industry and Energy jointly convened in Bali, because it was in this same hall that the ASEAN Heads of Government had signed the Declaration of ASEAN Concord and the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation on 24 February 1976. Since then ASEAN economic cooperation has become the backbone of all ASEAN activities with particular emphasis on industry and energy.

4. With regard to the role and availability of energy for continued industrial development, the Vice-President pointed out that unless the search for alternative and renewable resources of energy is accelerated and serious efforts at conservation are effected, the world has no choice but to cope with a progressive increase in the price of oil.

5. Therefore all nations have a vital and common interest in cooperating with one another to find a solution to this problem.

6. The Vice-President further suggested that efforts to improve and secure the energy supply in the short and medium terms should be by evolving effective arrangements to guarantee the supply of outside from progressively decreasing the dependence on oil. in the long run the development and utilization of new energy sources must be actively undertaken. Exchange of information on policy planning, programming and financing and the strengthening of institutional arrangements should also be included in the framework of energy cooperation. Most important of all was the closely linked inter-relation of problems between energy and industry, science and technology and that future cooperation should be conducted within the context of a well-coordinated approach among ASEAN countries.

7. The Meeting discussed energy policies, institutional arrangements, energy cooperation within ASEAN and between ASEAN and third countries of countries and international organization.

8. The Meeting agreed to formulate a framework for cooperation in energy to enable the ASEAN countries to obtain security of supply.

9. The Meeting agreed that the ASEAN member countries should work towards lessening independence on imported oil and accelerating the development of indigenous sources of energy. They also emphasized the importance of energy conservation.

10. They should also gear themselves toward ensuring the supply of energy in the amount and quality according to the demand so as to improve the welfare of the people and to provide necessary support or a rapid socioeconomic growth.

11. The Meeting agreed to cooperate in various primary and secondary sources of energy in the form of exchange of information, transfer of development.

12. Technology through research and development and monitoring the development of conventions and unconventional sources of energy including nuclear power.

13. The Meeting discussed the existing energy problem and noted its increasing importance for the development of the member countries. In order to strengthen cooperation on energy, the Meeting agreed to propose to their respective.

14. Governments to explore the possibility of a regional oil and gas exploration and development policy whereby each ASEAN Government may invite the government-sponsored oil and gas companies or authorities of the other ASEAN nations to participate in the exploration and development of and gas resources. The Meeting also requested the ASCOPE to further investigate the matter.

15. The Meeting noted that ASEAN. had received offers from third countries or groups of countries and international organizations for cooperation in the field of energy research, training and development. In view of this, the Meeting requested the ASEAN Secretariat to make an inventory regarding the offers and refer them to the ASEAN Economic Ministers on Energy Cooperation.

16. The Meeting was conducted in the traditional spirit of ASEAN solidarity and cordiality.