1. The Fifth Meeting of the ASEAN-Japan Forum, was held at the ASEAN Secretariat Building, Jakarta, on 28-30 January 1982. The Meeting was attended by Delegates from Japan and the ASEAN member countries, as well as the Chairmen and Representatives of ASEAN COTAC, COIME, COFAF, COFAB, COTT, COCI, COSD and COST. The Secretary General of the ASEAN Secretariat and his staff were also present.

2. The Japanese Delegation ,as led by Mr. Kazutoshi Hasegawa, Deputy Director General, Asian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Leader of the Indonesian Delegation, Mr. Atmono Suryo, acted as Spokesman for the ASEAN Delegation.

3. The Meeting was officially opened by H.E. Mr. Radius Prawiro, Minister of Trade and Cooperatives of the Republic of Indonesia.

4. The Meeting discussed cooperation activities in the fields of Trade and Commodity, Investment, Economic, Financial and Technical Cooperation, Shipping and Cultural Cooperation.

5. Trade between ASEAN and Japan has increased over recent years with the export of manufactured products trebling in the last decade. ASEAN, however, pointed out that only about 7% of her total exports to Japan are in the form of manufactured pr-ducts, and the bulk of ASEAN export to Japan comprise raw materials and fuel. The Meeting noted that Japan in pursuance of the MTN Agreement had decided to reduce tariff rates on 1653 items (two years ahead of the scheduled staging). In the non-tariff area Japan has take. concrete steps to reduce measures with regard to inspection procedures and standards by the end of January 1982. Japan will also be organising a seminar this year on japans Generalized System of Preferences and the related Cumulative Rules of origin for the benefit of ASEAN manufactures and. exporters.

6. In the spirit of international Cooperation such s that emanating from the Cancun Summit on North-south Issues, ASEAN and Japan would work closely at various international fora to positively deal with such issues.

7 . The Meeting stressed the urgent need to sign and ratify the 6th ITA before the deadline of April 30, 1982. Concerning the International Natural Rubber Agreement (INRA), both sides, reassuring the importance of the definitive entry into force of the Agreement, agreed that Japan and the ASEAN countries would further cooperated to this end. In particular the Meeting agreed to urge all producing and consuming countries to fully participate in the INRA.

8. ASEAN considered that, the issue of improved commodity based compensatory financing arrangements including the eventual establishment of a globalized STABEX type facility as an important area for ASEAN-Japan cooperation. While closely watching the study on a complementary facility to compensate shortfall in export earnings being made by UNCTAD Secretariat, both sides agreed on the desirability of further studies n the matter.

9 . In order to accelerate the flow of Japanese investment into the ASEAN region, the Meeting agreed to fully utilies the facilities of the ASEAN Promotion Center on Trade, Investment and Tourism in Tokyo. The Meeting also agreed that feasibility studies on specific projects and facilitation of joint ventures on small and medium scale industries could be dealt with by the Centre.

10. The possibility f re-deployment of industries from Japan ,as also discussed during the Meeting. ASEAN requested Japan to draw up a list of types of industries that could with mutual benefit, be re-deployed to the ASEAN region.

11. The Meeting noted that energy is on, of the top priority areas where Japan will continue to support ASEAN and in connection with the ASEAN proposals the Japanese side agreed to consider and explore possibilities for supporting the requested assistance for training courses and seminars in more specific areas such as energy conservation.

12. The Meeting noted that the preparations for implementing the ASEAN projects on Human Resources Development were proceeding satisfactorily. It was also agreed that the implementation of the project should be pursued vigorously by the parties concerned. It also reiterated an earlier agreement that the member countries may start implementations of the projects in dependent of each other.

13. The Meeting was informed by ASEAN on the latest development of the -implementation of the ASEAN Cultural Fund, Japan Scholarships for ASEAN Youth, and Regional Studies Promotion Programme. The Meeting noted that the Fund had been very instrumental to present ASEAN cultural activities which involved the mass participation of the ASEAN people.

14. The Meeting welcomed the Japanese proposal entitled Plan for ASEAN Regional Studies Promotion Programme and as informed by ASEAN that in preparation for cooperation with Japan on the Programme a symposium will be hosted by Malaysia to consider the project in details. It was also agreed that the ASEAN Regional Studies Promotion Programme is a joint ASEAN Japan project.

15. The Meeting recognized the importance of the ASEAN proposed projects on shipping which dl contribute to the realisation of ASEANs aspiration to develop, strengthen and promote the shipping industries of the region with a view to attaining ,If reliance in shipping as well as in shipbuilding industry in the ASEAN region. Japan would give high consideration to assist ASEAN, where possible, for early implementation of the projects.

16. The Meeting noted the suggestion brought up by the Indonesian Minister of Trade and Cooperatives at the official opening of the Fifth Meeting of the Forum, for a second meeting of Economic Ministers of ASEAN and Japan, and agreed to explore the possibilities of holding such a meeting.

17. The Meeting agreed that with the purpose of having closer contacts in between Forum Meetings, the ASEAN Tokyo Committee (ATC) should be utilized to follow up the discussions of the Forum and make preparations of the next Meeting of the Forum.

18. The Sixth Meeting of the ASEAN-Japan Forum will be held in Japan at a date to be mutually agreed upon.

19. The Delegations of Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand expressed their sincere appreciation to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in particular to the ASEAN National Secretariat of Indonesia, and the ASEAN Secretariat for the warm hospitality accorded them and for the excellent arrangements made for the Meeting.