At the invitation of the Government of Thailand the Presidium Minister for Political Affairs/Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, the Deputy Prime Malaysia, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand met in Bangsaen and Bangkok from August 5 to 8, 1967, and after fruitful discussions,

  1. Adopted the ASEAN Declaration of August 8,1967, announcing the formation of the Association of South East Asian Nations.
  2. Agreed, to hold the Second ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Djakarta in the course of 1968, and that pending and during that Meeting the ASEAN Standing Committee will be located in Djakarta.
  3. Agreed to refer to the Standing Committee certain proposals for regional cooperation in such fields as tourism, shipping and fisheries, and means of expanding intraregional trade.