1. The Fifteenth ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting was held in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines on 2 July 1997. The Meeting was preceded by the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Energy (SOME) which was held on 30 June – 1 July 1997.
  2. The Meeting was officially opened by H.E. Mr. Fidel V. Ramos, President of the Philippines.
  3. In his Keynote Address, President Ramos recognized the achievements of the ASEAN cooperation on energy especially its contribution to the realization of sustainable economic development in Southeast Asia. The President commended the efforts of ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE) and Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities/Authorities (HAPUA) in ensuring energy security and supply and easing energy trade within the region, notably through the Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline and the ASEAN Power Grid Interconnection projects. The President also acknowledged the inaugural ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) for further strengthening the partnership of the private and government sectors in the implementation of the programs of the ASEAN cooperation on energy. Finally, the President mentioned the major institutional reforms in the Philippine energy industry such as privatization, deregulation and restructuring would greatly contribute to the Philippine participation to ASEAN energy cooperation.
  4. The Meeting was chaired by H.E. Dr. Francisco L. Viray, Secretary of Energy of the Philippines and H.E. BG George Yong-Boon Yeo, Minister for Information and the Arts and Second Minister for Trade and Industry of Singapore as Vice-Chairman. The Meeting was attended by H.E. Pengiran Indera Wijaya Pengiran Dr. Haji Ismail bin Pengiran Haji Damit, Minister of Development of Brunei Darussalam; H.E. Mr. Endro Utomo Notodisuryo, Director-General for Electricity and Energy Development on behalf of the Minister of Mines and Energy for Indonesia; H.E. Datuk Leo Moggie, Minister for Energy, Telecommunications and Posts Malaysia; H.E. Mr. Adisorn Piengkes, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment of Thailand; and H.E. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Chuan, Vice-Minister for Industry of Vietnam and their respective delegations. Dr. Chee Peng Lim, Director of Bureau of Economic Cooperation, as representative of H.E. Dato’ Ajit Singh, Secretary-General of ASEAN and members of the ASEAN Secretariat were also in attendance.
  5. The Ministers held consultation with H.E. Mr. Pou Sothirak, Minister for Industry, Mines and Energy of Cambodia; H.E. Mr. Soulivong Daravong, Minister for Industry and Handicrafts of Lao People’s Democratic Republic; and H.E. U Khin Maung Thien, Minister for Energy of Myanmar.
  6. The Ministers in noting the official admission of Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Myanmar (CLM) as members of ASEAN at the 30th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, welcomed with keen interest the participation of the CLM energy officials as full-pledge members in the next SOME/AMEM activities. The Ministers also acknowledged the timely accession of CLM to ASEAN energy cooperation agreements. In this regard, the Ministers tasked the SOME, in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat, to assist the CLM officials to enable them to actively participate in ASEAN energy cooperation programs and activities.
  7. The Ministers initialed the Protocol Amending the Agreement on ASEAN Energy Cooperation and agreed to submit this for signature by the ASEAN Foreign Ministers at the 30th AMM in Kuala Lumpur. The Ministers also noted that Vietnam will soon deposit her Instrument of Accession to the ASEAN Petroleum Security Agreement with the Secretary-General of ASEAN.
  8. The Ministers were briefed on the developments of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
  9. The Ministers noted that ASCOPE will continue to promote cooperation within the petroleum industry in the region based on the founding principles and spirit of ASCOPE, and will continue to be an effective forum for the members to freely discuss, exchange data, information and experiences for the common benefit of the Member Countries. The Ministers took note of PetroVietnam membership as the seventh member of ASCOPE since November 1996.
  10. The Ministers noted the Sixth ASCOPE Conference and Exhibition will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 24-27 November 1997, a quadrennial event which has an extensive international dimension.
  11. The Ministers endorsed the Philippines’ proposal to convene a Working Group with the SOE Leader as head of delegation to a Strategic Planning Workshop on 11-12 August 1997 in Cebu City, Philippines.
  12. The Ministers agreed to the institutionalization of the ASEAN Energy Business Forum (AEBF) as an annual event to foster a sustained platform for interaction between the public and private sectors on the development of the energy industry of ASEAN. The Ministers also noted that the Philippines will chair, organize and host the 2nd AEBF before the 16th AMEM/SOME.
  13. The Ministers expressed satisfaction with the progress of implementation of the Medium-Term Programme of Action on ASEAN Energy Cooperation for the period 1996-1997. In particular, the Ministers, amongst others, adopted the following recommendations endorsed by SOME:
  1. Approval of the respective Workplans for 1997/98 of the Sub-sector Networks on Energy Efficiency and Conservation and New and Renewable Sources of Energy; and,
  2. Declaration of 1998 as ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Conservation Year.
  1. The Ministers also expressed satisfaction that SOME will soon implement the merged project dealing with the Grid Feasibility Study for the ASEAN-CLM Electricity Grid Interconnection and Electricity and the Environment. The Ministers also noted with appreciation the achievements of the ASEAN-EC Energy Management Training and Research Centre (AEEMTRC).
  2. The Ministers agreed to hold the 16th AMEM in 1998 in Singapore.
  3. The 15th AMEM was held in the traditional spirit of ASEAN cordiality and solidarity.