1. The 25th Meeting of the ASEAN Sub Committee on Tourism (SCOT) was held in Pattaya, Thailand on 1114 January 1990 in conjunction with the 9th ASEAN Tourism Forum.

2. The Meeting, held in the traditional spirit of ASEAN cordiality and solidarity, was chaired by Ms. Narzalina Z. Lim, Undersecretary for Planning, Development and Coordination of the Philippine Department of Tourism, and attended by the distinguished delegates from Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

3. The 25th SCOT Meeting witnessed the handing over of the Chairmanship from the Philippines to Singapore. The new Chairman of SCOT is Mr. Pek Hock Thiam, Executive Director of the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board.

4. During 1988/1989 the ASEAN region witness an unprecedented growth in tourism arrivals to make the, period the best ever in the history of ASEAN tourism. This was due to the close cooperation that exists between SCOT and the private sector through ASEANTA.

5. The main accomplishments achieved by SCOT during 1988/1989 included :

  • (a) Implementation of the ASEAN Integrated Marketing Strategy Project
    • (i) The implementation of the Integrated Marketing Strategy in selected European markets, jointly funded by the EC and the ASEAN member countries.
      (ii) This Integrated Marketing Strategy project comprises technical and financial assistance in several areas between 1990 and 1992.
      (iii) The designated areas include technical assistance to ensure the effective implementation of programmes in target markets by Market Coordinators and also the establishment of a data bank at ATIC.
      (iv) The purpose of this technical assistance programme will be to create a distinct image of ASEAN; to open up and promote new resort/areas; and to increase the number of dual/multi-destination tour programmes to ASEAN countries from Europe.
  • (b) Implementation of the ASEAN International Passenger Exit Survey.
    • (i) This regional level Passenger Exit Survey funded by EC will provide necessary information to establish regional tourism trends, assist in the formulation of marketing and product development strategies and to monitor the effectiveness of these strategies. 
  • (c) Implementation of the ASEAN Integrated Manpower Training Programme.
    • (i) The ASEAN Integrated Tourism Manpower Training Programme, funded by the EC, commenced on September 4, 1989.
      (ii) When completed this training project will have achieved a certification programme and an international accreditation scheme for manpower in the vocational and crafts area.
      (iii) Programme elements include the establishment of a facilities and courses database, conducting a manpower training survey, and production of a quarterly newsletter detailing updates on ASEAN Tourism Training.
  • (d) Promotional Campaign for Visit ASEAN Year 1992.
    • The 25th SCOT Meeting noted with approval the progress of the work done by its advertising agency, AMC Melewar Zecha Communications, and its public relations consultants Edelman, in implementing the Visit ASEAN Year 1992 promotional campaign covering Japan, Australia, West Germany and ASEAN.
  • (e) Calendar of Events for Visit ASEAN Year 1992
    The Meeting discussed the Calendar of Events for 1992 and agreed that there will be a maximum of 30 national events per country included in the calendar covering sports, cultural, trade and commercial events.
    Additionally, each member country will host an ASEAN event during specific months spread throughout 1992.
    (f) ATF ’91 Bandung, Indonesia.
    The 1991 ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF ’91) will be held in Bandung, the capital of West Java Province, Indonesia, from 13 17 January 1991.
    The ATF ’91 programme will include meetings of ASEAN SCOT (January 10 13), TRAVEX (January 15 17) and ASEAN Tourism Conference (January 14), as well as Associations meetings, sport tournaments, social functions, and complimentary tours.
    Following SCOT’s decision, a Buyers Registration Fee of US $ 100 will be levied beginning at ATF ’91.
    Another first for ATF ’91 is the move by Indonesia to establish an ATF Planning Committee comprising ASEAN representation from both the public and private sectors. So too is the establishment by ASEANTA of a Task Force to look into the current format and structure of the ATF, with a view to possible privatisation of the Forum in the future. 


6. The year 1989 has been momentous year for SCOT and a year that has seen the implementation of a number of positive projects in its continuing efforts in projecting the ASEAN image as well as in realising some of its more concrete objectives to enhance the tourism potential of the region.