Visit ASEAN Campaign

1. His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu”izzaddin Waddaulah, Sultan Yang Di Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam will officially launch the Visit ASEAN Campaign (VAC), as the new beginning to build a stronger branding of the ASEAN region as a single tourism destination in the new millennium. The official launch of VAC will take place at the Opening Ceremony of ATF 2001 on 13 January 2001.

2. The Ministers were pleased to note that the following promotional materials for the launch of VAC had been completed:

a. Visit ASEAN Logo/Tagline;

b. Visit ASEAN Logo Manual;

c. ASEAN Generic Brochure;

d. Press Kit Folders;

e. ASEAN Map;

f. Visit ASEAN Website and

g. Visit ASEAN Theme Song for the launch of VAC.

3. The Ministers agreed that the implementation of VAC will be conducted in phases. Phase I (2001) would be the launch of VAC at ATF 2001 followed by promotional activities at ITB, WTM and JATA, which aim to build awareness amongst the travel trade. Phase II (2002) would target various promotional activities at consumers that would be implemented by the NTOs, airlines and the travel industry. Member countries will commence the VAC in conjunction with their respective marketing and promotional campaigns.

4. The Ministers welcomed the active involvement of the ASEAN Promotion Centre (APC) in Tokyo in conducting promotional activities for VAC in Japan.

Facilitation of Intra-ASEAN Travel

5. The Ministers directed the ASEAN NTOs to give prime importance to the promotion on the facilitation of intra-ASEAN travels at all avenues.

6. In recognizing the complementary role of tourism, the Ministers requested the ASEAN NTOs to closely coordinate with the ASEAN Director-Generals of Immigration Departments and Heads of Consular Affairs Divisions of ASEAN Ministries of Foreign Affairs (DGCIM) in carrying out the ASEAN Plan of Action on Immigration Matters and its related work programs on tourism, ASEAN Civil Aviation Sectors and other relevant ASEAN committees.

Plan of Action on ASEAN Cooperation in Tourism/Hanoi Plan of Action

7. The Ministers also considered the implementation status of Plan of Action on ASEAN Cooperation in Tourism and the Tourism Action Agenda under the Hanoi Plan of Action. The Ministers were gratified to note the major accomplishments in the year 2000, as follows:

a. Involvement of ASEAN tourism officials during the Joint ASEAN Investment Missions undertaken in Japan (Tokyo – 28-29 February 2000); United States (New York, Minneapolis, Silicon Valley – 15-19 May 2000); and in Europe (Munich, London, Paris – 21-26 May 2000);

b. Participation of some ASEAN member countries at the Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention held on 7 – 11 March 2000 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A;

c. Implementation of the ASEAN Travel Fair on 6-10 May 2000 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, which received financial assistance from Republic of Korea;

d. Ongoing cooperation with the Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM) in the area of Facilitation of Intra-ASEAN Travel;

e. Adoption of the Work Programs and Activities of the ASEAN Tourism Training and Education Network (ATTEN) for the year 2000-2002; and

f. Development of an online version of the ASEAN Tourism Investment Guide in the ASEANWEB (

8. The Ministers noted that the ASEAN NTOs have begun the preparatory activities for 2001, as follows:

a. Development of a comprehensive research and marketing strategy to identify ways to encourage intra-ASEAN travel;

b. Development of the ATTEN Directory, which shall consist of ASEAN tourism training centres and educational institutions, existing tourism and training educational programs, as well as major tourism research activities;

c. Publication of the ASEAN Tourism Journal, as the means to strengthen communication network and facilitate scholarly and academic activities in the ASEAN tourism sector;

d. Publication of the ASEAN Eco-Tourism Manual;

e. Implementation of the Sustainable Tourism Seminar to be held in October 2001 in Malaysia;

f. Implementation of the ASEAN Cruise Development Study, which received technical assistance from the Government of Japan;

g. Implementation of the Two-Day Workshop on ASEAN and Korean Tourism for Korean and ASEAN Travel Agents on 31 May-3 June 2001, in conjunction with the Korea Travel Fair (KOTFA), which received technical assistance from the Republic of Korea (ROK); and

h. Work in the context of ASEAN sub-regional arrangements (IMS-GT, IMT-GT, GMS, BIMP-EAGA) to further enhance tourism investment in ASEAN.

ASEAN Tourism Services Liberalization

9. In the area of tourism services liberalization, the Ministers noted that three common sub-sectors for the second round of negotiation under the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services have been identified as follows:

a. Hotel Lodging Services;

b. Meal Serving Services with full Restaurant Services; and

c. Beverages Serving Services Without Entertainment.

10. The Ministers also noted that the mid-year 2001 Meeting of ASEAN NTOs will finalize the offers in the identified common sub-sectors based on the objective of the short-term liberalization, which is to target “none” for modes 1 (cross border supply) and 2 (consumption abroad) and “progressive liberalization” for modes 3 (commercial presence) and 4 (movement of natural persons), as set out by the ASEAN Economic Ministers.

ASEAN Tourism Forum

11. The ASEAN Tourism Forum 2001 (ATF 2001) is held on 9-16 January 2001, with “ASEAN: Pinnacle of Tourism Excellence”, as the theme issue. There are 400 registered buyers, 788 sellers, 411 number of booths and 60 journalists recorded for ATF 2001. The Ministers noted that there is an increase of buyers (369) from the level of ATF 2000 level.

12. The Ministers agreed to hold the Fifth Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers (M-ATM) during the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2002 (ATF 2002) to be held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 21-28 January 2002. The theme for ATF 2002 is “Nature Links and Cultural Corridors”.

13. The Ministers endorsed the proposal that Cambodia will host ATF 2003 in Phnom Penh.


The Fourth Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers (M-ATM) was held on 13 January 2001 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, preceded by the 13th Meeting of the ASEAN National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) held from 11-12 January 2001. Both Meetings were held in conjunction with the on-going ASEAN Tourism Forum 2001 (ATF 2001) held on 9-16 January 2001. The theme of ATF 2001 is “ASEAN: Pinnacle of Tourism Excellence”.

The Meeting was chaired by H.E. Pehin Dato Abdul Rahman Taib, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam, with Indonesia as Vice-Chairman and attended by the following Ministers, or their representative:

a. H.E. Mr Veng Sereyvuth, Minister of Tourism, Cambodia;

b. H.E. Mr Cheng Sayavong, Vice-Minister of Commerce & Tourism and Chairman of the National Tourism Authority of Lao PDR;

c. Mr Udin Saifuddin, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Indonesia;

d. H.E. Dato’ Abdul Kadir Bin Haji Sheikh Fadzir, Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism, Malaysia;

e. H.E. Major General Saw Lwin, Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar;

f. H.E. Ms Gemma Cruz-Araneta, Secretary of Tourism, Philippines;

g. H.E. Mr Peter Chen Min Liang, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Singapore;

h. H.E. Mr Pradech Phayakvichien, Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand;

i. H.E. Dr Pham Tu, Vice Chairman of Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism, Viet Nam; and

j. H.E. Mr Rodolfo C. Severino, Jr., ASEAN Secretary-General.