1. The 8th Meeting of the. ASEAN-New Zealand Dialogue was held in Wellington, New Zealand on 7-8 April 1987.

2. The meeting was opened by the Hon F.D O’Flynn, New Zealand Minister of State, Minister of Defence and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. The New Zealand Delegation was led by Mr. Tim Francis, Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs. H.E. Mr. Lim Jock Seng, Permanent Secretary of the, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brunei Darussalam, led the ASEAN Delegations. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore were represented by their respective Directors-General. Thailand was represented by its Deputy Director-General. The Secretary-General of the ASEAN Secretariat also attended the meeting.

3. The 8th Meeting of the ASEAN-New Zealand Dialogue provided the opportunity for ASEAN and Now Zealand to review aspects of current political, economic, trade and development cooperation.

4. At the meeting both sides recognized that ASEAN-New Zealand poetical cooperation would promote regional stability and economic growth beneficial to both ASEAN and New Zealand. ASEAN noted that New Zealand recent trade liberalization measures, including import licensing liberalization and tariff reductions, could provide the opportunity for increased ASEAN exports to New Zealand. The reinstatement of the Developing Countries Tariff Rate for a wide range of products of interest to Brunei Darussalam and Singapore was welcomed by ASEAN. ASEAN and New Zealand saw the possibility of cooperation in areas of common interest in a new round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, especially on the issues of agriculture and tropical products. They agreed on the desirability of concluding those negotiations as early as possible.

5. ASEAN and New Zealand also recognised the need for development cooperation within the budget allocation of NZ$ 12 million over the. next five years. The meeting undertook a detailed examination of on-going development projects. The ASEAN side expressed appreciation on the completion of a number of projects including the ASEAN – New Zealand Afforestation Project and the Agricultural Extension Practice Programme.. Both sides expressed satisfaction on, the. progress of a number of projects under implementation such as the commerce facility at Victoria University, and the provision of research fellowships on ASEAN affairs at the Institute of South East Asian Studies. During the meeting ASEAN and New Zealand identified a number of now project proposals for implementation during FY 1987/88 and subsequent years. The New Zealand side suggested that such new projects might be concentrated in trade and investment promotion activities and the establishment of institutional linkages in professionals, academic, commercial, scientific and technological fields between ASEAN and New Zealand.

6. It was agreed that the 9th meeting of the. ASEAN-New Zealand Dialogue would be held in an ASEAN capital, at a mutually convenient time.

7. The New Zealand Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. David Lange, and Mr. Dhanabalan, the Singapore Minister of Foreign- Affairs who is currently Chairman of the ASEAN Standing Committee and visiting New Zealand as a Guest of the New Zealand Government, formally closed the 8th Meeting of the ASEAN-New Zealand Dialogue on Wednesday 8 April. They both noted with pleasure. the warm relationship between New Zealand and ASEAN which was reflected in the talks and the concrete progress made towards forms of closer practical cooperation between ASEAN and New Zealand.