ASEAN Customs Directors-General held their seventh annual meeting in Genting Highlands, Malaysia on 13-14 July 1999. The Meeting was chaired by Datuk Ahmad Padzli bin Mohyiddin, Director-General of Customs, Royal Customs and Excise, Malaysia. It was opened by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Dato’ Wong See Wah. (The list of the ASEAN Customs Directors-General is attached).


  1. ASEAN Customs Administrations today issued a comprehensive and detailed work plan to realise their Customs Vision of 2020, which provides for “an ASEAN Customs Partnership for World Class Standards and Excellence in efficiency, professionalism and service”.

  2. This five-year plan of action, entitled the ASEAN Customs Policy Implementation and Work Programme (PIWP), covers a comprehensive range of customs areas and contains detailed strategies and cooperative activities to fulfill the thrust and spirit of the Vision. ASEAN Member Countries have been assigned specific elements to oversee and implement. Technical and financial assistance is also being sought, among others, from Japan to help implement the PIWP.

  3. The PIWP, when fully implemented, is expected to bring significant benefits to the business community as it requires customs administrations to adopt more modem customs techniques and procedures.


  1. ASEAN Customs Directors-General today heralded even closer cooperation with the business sector. In an attempt to enhance customs-business linkages, a website, tailored for the business sector, was launched by the Directors-General. The website, accessible through the ASEANWEB (, provides information on customs procedures of ASEAN Member Countries, the latest on ASEAN customs cooperation, including linkages to national websites of the ASEAN Customs Administrations. The site would provide an excellent media for business-customs interaction.

  2. To further improve on the partnership with the business community, a survey on business perceptions and views on ASEAN customs administrations is being conducted by the ASEAN Secretariat on the business sector. This survey is part of an attempt to foster closer customs-business linkages under the ASEAN toms PIWP. The questionnaire can be downloaded from the customs website.

  3. The ASEAN Customs Directors-General also held their traditional dialogue with representatives from the private sectors, among others, from Federal Express Corporation, Federation of Asian Customs Brokers Associations. In Talks described as open and frank, the business sectors and Directors-General discussed ways to promote trade and strengthen customs control.

  4. The Directors-General welcomed the holding of the next Dialogue with the business community in their 8th Meeting next year to be held in Yangon, Myanrnar.


  1. Japan represents an important economic partner for ASEAN. Cooperation in custorns would provide benefits for both ASEAN and Japan, enhancing the myriad of economic linkages already existing. Japan is also an important strategic partner, particularly in the fast changing global and regional environment. This recognition was signified by the first consultation held between ASEAN Directors-General of Customs with their Japanese counterpart, Mr. Hiroyasu Watanabe.

  2. ASEAN welcomed Japanese assistance on post clearance audit, nomenclature, valuation. automation, risk assessment and laboratory facilities.

  3. Recognising the value of such consultations, the ASEAN Directors-General of Customs and Japan agreed to an annual consultation to discuss regional cooperation, coordinate positions on international customs issues and to keep each other abreast of developments in each other’s administration.


  1. The following areas of cooperation also saw progress:
    1. formulation of implementing protocols to operationalism a transit system in ASEAN;
    2. efforts towards the harmonisation of tariff nomenclature in ASEAN;
    3. measures to enhance mutual assistance among customs to combat fraud, smuggling etc.;
    4. discussions on international customs issues., in APEC, WCO and ASEM.




    Participants of the 7th Meeting of the ASEAN Directors-General of Customs

    1. Pg. Hj. Naserudin bn Pg. Hj. Tejudin, Deputy Controller of Customs Excise, Royal Customs and Excise, Brunei Darussalarn;

    2. Mr. Kun Nhem, Deputy Director of Customs and Excise Dept., Cambodia;
    3. Dr. Permana Agung, Director-General of Customs and Excise, Directorate-General of Customs and Excise, Indonesia,
    4. Mr. Sithath Thammanouvong, Director-General of Customs, Customs Dept., Laos;
    5. Mr. Ibrahim bin Mat, Deputy Director-General, Royal Customs and Excise Dept., Malaysia;
    6. Mr. Tun Chun, Director-General of Customs, Customs Dept., Myanmar;
    7. Mrs. Julita S. Manahan, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Customs, Philippines;
    8. Mr. Koh Chong Hwa, Director-General of Customs and Excise, Customs and Excise Dept., Singapore;
    9. Mr. Somchainuk Engtrakul, Director-General of Customs, Customs Dept., Thailand;
    10. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuc, Deputy Director-General, General Dept. of Customs, Vietnam;
    11. Dr. Robert R. Teh, Jr, Director, Bureau of Trade, Industry and Services, ASEAN Secretariat