1. The 31st Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) was held in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam on 10 November 2009 under the Chairmanship of H.E. Pehin Dato Yahya, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam.

Towards ASEAN Community and Regional Integration

2. The Ministers reaffirmed the significant role and contribution of food, agriculture, and forestry sectors towards realization of the ASEAN Community and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The Ministers reassured their full support in advancing the implementation of relevant measures outlined in the Roadmap for an ASEAN Community (2009-2015) declared by the 14th ASEAN Summit in March 2009.

3. The Ministers expressed satisfaction on the progress made in food, agriculture and forestry sectors. The Ministers further endorsed the following ASEAN standards and documents:

a) List of 7 ASEAN Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for 5 pesticides: carbendazim (grapes and oranges), chlorpyrifos (longans and litchi), phosalone (durian), ethion (pummelo) and deltamethrin (chilli pepper);
b) ASEAN Standards for Young Coconut, Banana, Garlic, and Shallot;
c) Accreditation of the Veterinary Biologics Assay Division (VBAD), Pakchong, Thailand;
d) ASEAN Criteria for Accreditation of Milk Processing Establishment;
e) ASEAN Criteria and Indicators for Legality of Timber;
f) ASEAN Guideline on Phased Approach to Forest Certification; and
g) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on ASEAN Co-operation in Agriculture and Forest Products Promotion Scheme.

4. In line with the above endorsement, the Ministers agreed to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on ASEAN Co-operation in Agriculture and Forest Products Promotion Scheme for a 5-year term (2009-2014) on 11 November 2009 in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Achieving Food Security in ASEAN Region

5. The Ministers were determined to pursue the ASEAN Integrated Food Security (AIFS) Framework and the Strategic Plan of Action on ASEAN Food Security (SPA-FS) tasked by the ASEAN Leaders at the 14th ASEAN Summit held in March 2009 and the 15th ASEAN Summit in October 2009. The ASEAN Member States pledged to embrace food security as a matter of permanent and high priority policy and review ASEAN’s commitment to achieving objectives of the World Food Summit and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

6. The Ministers commended good progress in the implementation of the AIFS Framework and the SPA-FS. The Ministers welcomed and urged the close collaboration and partnership among dialogue partners, development partners and international organisations to foster coordination and implementation of activities as well as monitoring and reporting of progress of the AIFS Framework and the SPA-FS.

7. The Ministers agreed to the transformation of East Asia Emergency Rice Reserve (EAERR) pilot project into a permanent mechanism under the ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR). The Ministers agreed to start APTERR’s preparatory stage immediately after termination of the pilot project to ensure the continuation of regional food security. They looked forward to working with their Plus Three Partners for the signing of the APTERR Agreement at the 10th AMAF Plus Three Meeting in Cambodia in 2010.

Responding to the Impact of Climate Change

8. In response to the challenges posed by the impact of climate change, the Ministers welcomed the ASEAN Climate Change Initiative (ACCI) and the ASEAN Joint Statement on Climate Change to the 15th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the 5th Session of the Conference of Parties serving as the Meeting of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, which provide a platform for joint approaches towards addressing emerging impacts of climate change in the region. In this connection, the Ministers welcomed the development of “ASEAN Multi-Sectoral Framework on Climate Change: Agriculture and Forestry towards Food Security”. The Ministers reaffirmed their support in addressing the climate change impacts through the implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures to ensure stable food supply in the region.

Strengthening of Animal Diseases Control Programme

9. The Ministers commended the effort and significant progress in the control and prevention of transboundary animal diseases (TADs), particularly on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), and Classical Swine Fever (CSF) in the region. The Ministers were in full support of greater collaboration between the animal health and the public health sectors on zoonoses towards better livelihoods of farmers and public health.

Partnership with Dialogue Partners and International Organisations

10. The Ministers noted the progress made in strategic partnership and regional cooperative activities over the past years and expressed appreciation for the assistance and support, rendered by various dialogue partners and international organizations, among others: Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Republic of Korea, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), World Animal Health Organisation (OIE), and the Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC).

11. In particular, the Ministers noted with appreciation the progress of activities implemented under the ASEAN-Japan projects “Strengthening of Partnership among Japan and ASEAN Countries” and “South-South Cooperation Promotion Project for Agricultural Productivity Enhancement in Developing Countries” and their significant contribution made in ASEAN community building process in agriculture sector. The Ministers welcomed and recommended promoting such cooperation activities in the future under the partnership with Dialogue Partners and International Organizations, while enhancing further cooperation with Japan.

32nd AMAF Meeting

12. The ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry will meet in Cambodia in 2010.

13. The Ministers from other ASEAN Member Countries expressed their sincere appreciation to the Government and People of Brunei Darussalam for hosting the 31st AMAF Meeting and for their warm hospitality and excellent arrangements made for the Meeting.


  1.  H.E. Pehin Dato Yahya, Minister of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam
  2.  H.E. Mr. Chan Tong Yves, Secretary of State of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia
  3.  H.E. Mr. Suswono, Minister of Agriculture, Indonesia
  4.  H.E. Mr. Sitaheng Rasphone, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Lao PDR
  5.  H.E. Dato’ Wira Mohd. Johari Baharum, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia
  6.  H.E. Major General Htay Oo, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Myanmar
  7.  H.E. Dr. Segfredo Serrano, Undersecretary of Agriculture, Philippines
  8.  H.E. Dr. Mohamad Maliki Osman, Parliamentary Secretary for National Development, Singapore
  9.  H.E. Mr. Theera Wongsamut, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thailand
  10.  H.E. Dr. Cao Duc Phat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Viet Nam
  11.  H.E. Mr. S. Pushpanathan, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for ASEAN Economic Community