1. The Fifth Meeting of the ASEAN-Australia Forum was held in Jakarta on 16 and 17 April 1980 to review developments in ASEAN-Australia relations. The Forum was marked by the friendly and cordial atmosphere of the discussions.
  2. The ASEAN Delegations were led by Mr. Kassim Hussein, Director-General, ASEAN- Malaysia; Mr. Umarjadi Njotowijono, Director- General, ASEAN-Indonesia; Mr. Sime Hidalgo, Director-General, ASEAN-Philippines; Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Mahmood, Director-General, ASEAN- Singapore; and Mr. Orachun Tanaphong, Acting Director-General, ASEAN-Thailand. The Australia. Delegation was led by Mr. A.R. Parsons, Deputy Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs.
  3. His Excellency Datuk All Abdullah, Secretary-General of the ASEAN Secretariat, and His Excellency Whichet Suchayakhom, Ambassador of Thailand to Australia in his capacity as Chairman of the ASEAN Canberra Committee (ACC) were also in attendance.
  4. His Excellency Professor Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, officially opened the Forum and welcomed the Australian Delegation and ASEAN Delegations on behalf of the Indonesian Government.
  5. In his opening address the Foreign Minister noted with concern that the backdrop to the Fifth ASEAN-Australia Forum was one of a worsening world situation. He recalled that ASEAN had consistently emphasized the need for all states to strictly observe the principles of respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of states, and non resort to force or threat of the use of force, and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states. ASEAN had also emphasized the necessity for the Kampuchean people to determine its political future without foreign interference, coercion or intimidation. The problem of Indochinese, refugees as also causing real hardship to Thailand and other ASEAN countries. The Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the problem of U.S. hostages in Iran, and the worsening Middle East situation were also causes for concern. Despite this ominous backdrop, ASEAN as determined to cooperate with countries such as Australia in helping ASEAN maintain peace and stability in South East Asia.
  6. The Foreign Minister noted that almost all the programmes under the ASEAN-Australia Forum were being implemented. While appreciating Australia’s cooperation, ASEAN hoped that its share in bilateral trade with Australia would be increased.
  7. The Forum considered and adopted the First Report of the ASEAN-Australia Consultative Meeting (AACM). It agreed that the AACM had developed into a flexible and constructive mechanism and commended the AACM for its valuable efforts in facilitating the conduct of ASEAN-Australia relations.
  8. The ASEAN Delegations welcomed the announcement by the Leader of the Australian Delegation that Australia’s commitment under the ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme (AAECP) had been increased from AS 4.8 million to AS 34.5 million. It was agreed that, of the AS 4.8 million, AS 4 million would be used to finance an expanded Trade and Investment Programme, AS 600.000,00 for Education Project and AS 100.000,00 for the Population Project. It was agreed that the remaining AS 100.000,00 would be used to finance a feasibility study into the establishment of an ASEAN Regional Animal Quarantine Centre.
  9. The Forum noted with satisfaction the progress that had been achieved in the Projects under the AAECP, particularly in the following :
    1. ASEAN Food Handling Project;
    2. ASEAN Protein Project;
    3. ASEAN Development Education Project;
    4. ASEAN Consumer Protection Agency;
    5. ASEAN Food Waste Materials Project; and
    6. ASEAN Population Programme.
  10. Agreement was reached on the Terms of Reference for the ASEAN-Australia Joint Research Project, the aim of which is to establish a sound basis for a long term economic relationship between ASEAN and Australia. It was agreed that the first step in the implementation of the Project would be the convening of a meeting of experts to be held in Canberra as soon as possible.
  11. Within the context of the AAECP, the Forum noted that ASEAN had identified certain priority areas for non-conventional energy research. The Forum was informed that a further meeting of the ASEAN Working Group on Non-Conventional Energy would be convened to refine the ASEAN proposal for presentation to Australia.
  12. Reflecting the importance of the trading relationship between ASEAN and Australia, detailed discussions took place on trade issues of mutual interest.
  13. Agreement was reached on a Trade and Investment Promotion Programme to be financed by Australia to facilitate the development of ASEAN exports to Australia and to encourage Australian investment in ASEAN.
  14. The Forum noted that the Australian Government was presently conducting a review of the handicraft concession and that ASEAN’s interest in this matter would be taken fully into account. It welcomed Australia’s willingness to consider ASEAN’s request to remove the 12 1/2 % import surcharge on certain ASEAN exports to Australia.
  15. Constructive discussions cook place on the questions of the Australian system of tariff preferences, the early warning system (which had been established at the previous Forum meeting in Canberra ) and Australia’s recent decision on tariff assistance to its furniture industry. The Forum noted the great importance ASEAN placed on the outcome of the Australian Government’s consideration of the imminent report of the Industries Assistance Commission on textiles, clothing and footwear.
  16. The Forum noted that arrangements for the Second ASEAN Trade Fair in Melbourne in August this year were proceeding satisfactorily.
  17. The Forum agreed that cooperation between the ASEAN and Australia private sectors is an important complement to cooperation at the Government level. The Forum welcomed the establishment of a dialogue between the ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Confederation of Australian Industry and Australian Chambers of Commerce.
  18. The Forum welcomed the establishment of links between the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization and the Australian Parliament.
  19. It was agreed that the next meeting of the ASEAN-Australia Forum be held in Australia in 1981 at a venue and date to be decided.
  20. The Delegates from Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand expressed their sincere and warm appreciation to the Government and people of Indonesia for the facilities accorded them and the excellent arrangements made for the Meeting.