1. The Meeting of ASEAN Directors-General and Senior Officials of the Canadian Government was held in Manila on 3 – 4 February 1977 to discuss economic cooperation between ASEAN and Canada. This meeting followed the two informal discussions held between officials of ASEAN and Canada in Manila in October and December 1975.
  2. The Canadian delegation was led by Mr. R. L. Rogers, Director-General, Bureau of Pacific and Asia Affairs, Department of External Affairs, while the ASEAN delegations were headed by Mr. Umarjadi Njotowijono, Director-General, ASEAN – Indonesia; Datuk Ali Abdullah, Director-General, ASEAN – Malaysia-, Ambassador Modesto Farolan, Director-General, ASEAN – Phillppines; Mr. Tan Boon Seng, Director-General, ASEAN – Singapore; and Mr. Nissai Vejjajiva, Director-General ASEAN – Thailand. Ambasador Farolan was the spokesman of ASEAN at the meeting.
  3. H.E. Manuel Collantes delivered the prepared welcome remarks of H.E. Carlos P. Romulo, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Phippines, at the opening of the Meeting at the Philippine International Convention Center. In his remarks, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs hailed ASEAN – Canada cooperation as a welcome addition to ASEAN’s expanding dialogue ith third countries and regional and international organizations aid expressed the hope that ASEAN and Canada will become stronger and steadier economic partners through their dialogue. Noting that the developmental efforts of developing countries, such as the ASEAN member states, have been set back by adverse economic factors such as the increase in the price of oil, the fluctuation in commodity prices, excessive inflation and chronic balance of payments difficulties, he stated that, under the circumstances, development cooperation with third parties like Canada has a significant role to play in the overall developmental efforts of the developing countries.
  4. At the meeting, the Canadian officials released the antecedents which led to Canada’s proposal to extend a programme of development assistance to ASEAN. The Canadian delegation said that the proposal stemmed from the excellent relations that Canada enjoys with all ASEAN countries and from the progress that ASEAN is making as a regional organization which would contribute to stability and cooperation in Southeast Asia. Considering Canada is not just an Atlantic country or a North American country but a Pacific country as well, the Canadian delegation affirmed Canada’s positive desire to establish a formal partnership with ASEAN. It cited the developments in the ASEAN project proposals on regional satellite communication and reonal air transportation as well as the visits last year to the ASEAN region of two Cabinet-level Canadian officials as reflective of this desire.
  5. The ASEAN and Canadian delegations laid down the bases of their cooperative relations. The Canadian delegation confirmed its agreement to the principles being observed by ASEAN in accepting offers of coopration from third parties. Both the ASEAN and Canadian delegation agreed on procedures for the development and administration of projects.
  6. The ASEAN and Canadian delegations had a frank and wide-ranging exchange of views on economic issues and on trade and industrial cooperation between ASEAN and Canada. They reached consensus on the need to adopt measures which would lead to the promotion of trade and industrial cooperation among them.
  7. Both the ASEAN and Canadian delegations expressed satisfaction concerning development of a project relatting to a programme of work on a feasibility study on a Regional Satellite Communication System for ASEAN and on regional air transportation. They also agreed to consider as priorities cooperation on fisheries and trade. They agreed further to examine the possibility of undertaking additional projects on forestry and reforestation, oceanography, agricultural researh, mineral development and survey, including oil and transportation techniques, such as shipbuilding and port development.
  8. It as agreed that a further meeting between ASEAN and Canadian officials would be required and that this might be held in Canadian in May 1977.
  9. The ASEAN and Canadian Delegations expressed their sincere appreciation for the cordial and warm hospitality extended to them during their stay in the Philippines.