1. On the invitation of H.E. Dr. Upadit Pachariyangkun, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, in his capacity as Chairman of the ASEAN Standing committee, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, H.E. Mr. Sunao Sonoda met the Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN member countries in, Pattaya on 17 June 1978.

2. The meeting with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan as attended by the Minister for Foreign Affairs f the Republic f Indonesia, H.E. Pro f. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, the Minister of Foreign Affairs -f Malaysia, H.E. Tengku. Ahmad Rithauddeen, the Minister f Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, H.E. Minister Carlos P. Romulo, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Singapore, H.E. Mr. S. Rajaratnam, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, H.E. Dr. Upadit Pachariyangkun.

3. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers and the Foreign, Minister of Japan in reviewing the situation in Asia, reaffirmed treat stability and prosperity in Asia as essential for ASEAN and Japan, and agreed that Japan and the ASEAN countries would continue their positive efforts to promote peace and prosperity in Southeast Asia.

4. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers and the Foreign Minister f Japan exchanged views on major international economic issues, and agreed that the recovery of the world economy the curbing of protectionism, and the promotion of free international trade ere essential for the development of the economics of the ASEAN countries. In this connection, the Foreign Minister of Japan outlined Japanese positions, which would take into account the concern of ASEAN countries, at the forthcoming Summit Meeting of Industrialized Nations in Bonn in July 1978.

5. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers and the Japanese Foreign Minister reviewed the progress of the cooperative relations between ASEAN and Japan. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers noted, with appreciation, some positive measures adopted by the Government of Japan, including the Japanese voluntary contributions to Buffer Stock of the Fifth International Tin Agreement, the adoption of the cumulative rules of origin for ASEAN products, and the preparations being undertake. to establish a Japan – ASEAN Cooperation Centre on Trade, Tourism and Investment Promotion in Tokyo. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers and the Foreign Minister of Japan also agreed ii the need to accelerate the progress in the various areas set forth in the Joint Statement of the Meeting of the ASEAN Heads of Government and the prime Minister of Japan in Kuala Lumpur on 7 August 1977.

6. in the course of the discussion, the Japanese Foreign Minister reiterated Japan’s interest in a STABEX scheme for ASEAN countries. He assured ASEAN that Japan would contribute positively towards ensuring the success of the Third Plenipotentiary Negotiating Conference on a Common Fund. The Japanese Foreign Minister also stated that Japan would respond favourably to the ASEAN MTN requests. The ASEAN Foreign ministers expressed the hope that japan’s response to these ASEAN requests would be positive and substantial. in the implementation of the joint Statement issued at the Meeting of ASEAN Heads of Government a.-id the Prime Minister of Japan in Kuala Lumpur on 7 August 1977, with regard to the ASEAN industrial projects, the Japanese Foreign Minister reaffirmed Japans readiness to extend financial assistance in various forms for the realization of the ASEAN projects as ell as to continue to provide technical assistance necessary to these projects. In this respect, the Japanese Foreign Minister informed the ASEAN Foreign Ministers that con- crete steps will be taken n consultation with ASEAN regarding financial assistance to the ASEAN Urea Project (Indonesia) and the ASEAN Urea Project (Malaysia) which, have been established as ASEAN industrial projects.

7 . In the field of cultural cooperation, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers and the Foreign Minister of Japan noted with satisfaction the setting up of and the progress made by the ASEAN-Japan Joint Study Group on Cultural Cooperation (JSGCC). The Foreign Minister of Japan reaffirmed Japans rediness to contribute 5 billion yen, payable by annual instalments, to the ASEAN Cultural Fund to assist ASEANs effort in promoting intra-ASEAN cultural cooperation

8. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers explained the progress in ASEAN regional cooperation on the basis of the results of the 11th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. The Foreign Minister of Japan welcomed the progress in this regard and expressed japans determination to promote further cooperation with ASEAN countries as an equal partner.

9. The Foreign. Minister of Japan and the ASEAN Foreign Ministers agreed that the Meeting had afforded a valuable opportunity for discussion on areas of cooperation and development of understanding on matters of mutual interest.

10. The Foreign Minister of Japan expressed high profound gratitude for the warm hospitality accorded to him and the Japanese delegation by the Government and people f Thailand and also expressed his sincere appreciation for the excellent preparations and arrangements made for this meeting.