1. The Ninth meeting of the ASEAN-Canada joint Cooperation Committee was held in Ottawa on 15 and 16 June, 1994. The meeting was opened go 15 June by the Honourable Raymond Chan, Secretary of State Asia- Pacific.
  2. The ASEAN side was represented by H.E. Mr. Rahardjo Jamtomo, Director General ASEAN Indonesia; H. E. Dato’ Dr. G. K. A. Kumaraseri, Director General ASEAN Malaysia; H.E. Mrs. Delia D. Albert, Director General ASEAN Philippines; H.E. Mrs. Laxanachantorn Laohaphan, Director General ASEAN Thailand; H.E. Miss Joyce Davamoni, Deputy Director ASEAN Singapore; and H.E. Mr. Zainidi Haji Sidup Senior Official, ASEAN Brunei Darussalam. The Canadian Delegation was led by Mr. Howard Balloch, Assistant Deputy Minister, Asia Pacific Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
  3. The Meeting discussed. the international economic situation and regional economic issues, including global economic and trade issues such as the completed Uruguay Round and the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, the ASEAN Free Trade Area and APEC. The Meeting also reviewed the development of Canada-ASEAN relations and The revised Canada ASEAN Economic Cooperation Agreement which was signed last year and which came into force on 1st April this year.
  4. A useful review of Canada ASEAN development cooperation took place Discussions centered on potential themes for future cooperation, With particular emphasis on environment and science and technology. Canada agreed to support three technology related training initiatives this year. Finally the key issue of sustainability of Canadian supported projects in the forestry sector was explored.
  5. The meeting recognized the ongoing contribution of the Canada ASEAN Centre in building mutually beneficial business, academic and media partnerships.
  6. Extensive consultations on economic and commercial issues took Place. Four Canadian business associations and both the ASEAN and Canadian sections of the ASEAN Canada Business Council took Dart in the consultations. They discussed market access issues and positive developments are anticipated over the course of the next year. Several practical private sector suggestions were made for increased-business collaboration.
  7. It was agreed to hold the Tenth Meeting of the Joint Cooperation Committee in Malaysia during the first half of 1995.