1. The Sixth Meeting of the ASEAN-Canada Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) was held in Bandar Seri Begawan on 21-22 November 1989. The Meeting was attended by of officials from ASEAN member countries and Canada. The ASEAN Spokesman for the ASEAN delegations was Mr Haji Yusof bin Haji Abd Hamid, Director-General for ASEAN-Brunei Darussalam and the delegation from Canada was led by Mr George Seymour, Director-General, Asia Pacific South Bureau, Department of External Affairs and International Trade.
  2. The JCC was established under the ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement. Its main objective is to enhance and review the commercial, industrial and development cooperation between ASEAN and Canada. The previous JCC Meeting was held in Ottawa, Canada on 7-8 April 1988.
  3. In their opening statements Mr Haji Yusof and Mr Seymour underlined that ASEAN and Canada had always closely cooperated in building a relationship which was productive and beneficial to both sides. Mr Hj Yusof expressed pleasure that the ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement was renewed for a further two years beginning June 1989. He .stated that the renewal was a clear indication of the desire of both ASEAN and Canada to continually promote the relationship in a mutually beneficial manner. Mr Seymour welcomed the active participation of the ASEAN and Canadian private sector in the JCC. He said the Meeting served to affirm both the value of the process and the commitment of the partnership to building strong and long term economic ties. Discussions centred on the various aspects of the ASEAN-Canada cooperation which includes development, industrial and commercial cooperation. The JCC Meeting also deliberated on the international and regional economic issues of mutual concern which among others were the Uruguay Round of MTN, the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement, Commodity Issues and the International Debt and Monetary Issues. Both sides agreed to intensify consultations on trade issues through trade policy and MTN discussions in the ASEAN region early in 1990.
  4. Members of the ASEAN-Canada Business Council ,representing the business .community, participated in JCC discussions on ASEAN-Canada trade and investment relations. Their participation demonstrated the growing partnership between governments and the business community in expanding trade and investment between Canada and ASEAN.
  5. ASEAN and Canadian officials had a very useful discussion on the high priority which their respective governments place on addressing the serious environmental problems afflicting the world. Canada and ASEAN pledged to work more closely y and seek new ways to cooperate in the protection and preservation of the environment.
  6. Canada has undertaken a major initiative in ASEAN with the opening of the Canada-ASEAN Centre in July of this year. Among the main responsibilities, the Centre will facilitate implementation of development cooperation projects with ASEAN. Consistent with Canada’s strong commitment to ASEAN, the signing, of Memoranda of understanding will take place over the next six months for projects valued at approximately C$27 million.
  7. The outcome of the meeting reflected the strong bonds of friendship between ASEAN and Canada. The next JCC Meeting will be held in Canada on a date to be decided in due course.