Recalling and reiterating the Joint Statement of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers issued by the Chairman of the ASEAN Standing Committee on 8 July 1997, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers met on 10 July 1997 in Kuala Lumpur to review the situation in Cambodia in all its aspects.

While reaffirming the commitment to the principle of non interference in the internal affairs of other states, they decided that, in the light of unfortunate circumstances which have resulted from the use of force, the wisest course of action is to delay the admission of Cambodia into ASEAN until a later date.

The Foreign Ministers also recalled the decision taken by the ASEAN Heads of State/Government at the 5th Summit in Bangkok, in December 1995, on the inclusion of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar as full members of ASEAN. Pursuant to the decision taken by the Special Meeting of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers on 31st May 1997, in Kuala Lumpur, they agreed that the admission of Laos and Myanmar will proceed as scheduled.

The ASEAN countries stand ready to contribute their efforts to the peaceful resolution of the situation in Cambodia.