Determined to demonstrate the solidarity and cohesiveness of ASEAN in the face of the current threat to peace and stability in the Southeast Asia region, and recalling the Vietnamese pledge to ASEAN member countries to scrupulously respect each other’s independence sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to cooperate in the maintenance and strengthening of peace and stability in the region, the Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN Member Countries met in Bangkok on 12 – 13 January 1979 and agreed on the following:

  1. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers reaffirmed the Statement issued in Jakarta on 9 January 1979 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia as Chairman of the ASEAN Standing Committee on the Escalation of the Armed Conflict between Vietnam and Kampuchea.
  2. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers strongly deplored the armed intervention against the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kampuchea.
  3. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers affirmed the right of the Kampuchean people to determine their future by themselves free from interference or influence from outside powers in the exercise of their rights of self-determination.
  4. Towards this end, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers called for the immediate and total withdrawal of the foreign forces from Kampuchean territory.
  5. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers welcomed the decision of the United Nations Security Council to consider without delay the situation in Indochina, and strongly urged the Council to take the necessary and appropriate measures to restore peace, security and stability in the area.