Establishment of the ECCM

An Experts Committee on Customs Matters (ECCM) has been established to support the activities under the ASEAN Customs Vision. The ECCM meets twice a year.

To date, the ECCM has met three times. The first was held at the ASEAN Secretariat in February 1998, the second one in Yangon, Myanmar in July 1998 and the third at the ASEAN Secretariat in March 1999. The next ECCM will be held in the second week of September 1999.

Outcome of the Third ECCM

Main highlights of the Third ECCM meeting are:

  1. ASEAN Customs Policy Implementation and Work Programme (PIWP)

    The Meeting finalised the PIWP, a document that will be used to implement the ASEAN Customs Vision and will be a basis of future activities of ASEAN customs cooperation for 1999-2004.

  2. ASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN)

    The AHTN, harmonised at the 8-digit level, shall be finalised by December 2000. Member Countries are to implement the text, incorporating the HS 2002, latest by 1 January 2002. The AHTN is aimed at achieving predictability, uniformity and transparency of trade transactions.

  3. Green Lane

    As agreed at the Sixth Meeting of the Directors-General of Customs which was held last year, some Member Countries would use the last port of export as criteria to determine ASEAN origin. This would expend the scope of products eligible for Green Lane treatment. Some other Member Countries would use the last country of manufacture as a criteria. Operational details are still being finalised. It is recognised that some ASEAN countries already channel a large portion of their consignments through Green Lane channel.

  4. Customs Valuation

    All Member Countries will target implementation of the GATT Valuation Agreement (GVA) in year 2000. Indonesia and Singapore have started implementing the GVA since 1997.