ManilaPhilippines, 3-4 September 2003




WE, the Ministers Responsible for Youth, of the ten (10) ASEAN member countries: Brunei Darussalam, Kingdom of Cambodia, Republic of Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Myanmar, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of Singapore, Kingdom of Thailand, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;


HAVING gathered in Manila on 3-4 September 2003 for the Fourth ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth (AMMY IV);


DESIROUS TO strengthen the gains brought about by and consistent with theJakarta Declaration of the First AMMY in 1992the Kuala Lumpur Agenda on ASEAN Youth Development of the Second AMMY in 1997; and the Yangon 2000 Declaration on Preparing ASEAN Youth for the Challenges of Globalization of the Third AMMY in 2000;


FURTHER AFFIRMING the UN Millennium Summit Declaration, particularly the resolution to implement strategies to give young people everywhere a real chance to find decent and productive work;


RECALLING the Youth Employment Network initiated by the UN Secretary General, in collaboration with the ILO and the World Bank during the Youth Employment Summit in Alexandria, Egypt;


EMPHASIZING the importance of youth as a vital human resource of ASEAN nations and the need to formulate and implement youth development policies and programs torealise the potential of this segment of ASEAN’s population;


UNDERSCORING our commitment towards empowering the ASEAN youth so that they are fully confident and capable of meeting the challenges of globalisation;


RECOGNISING that continued support through policies, programs, and technical interventions is necessary to sustain the strength and vitality of the youth sector within ASEAN societies;


MINDFUL of the Hanoi Plan of Action, priorities calling for implementation of the ASEAN Work Programme on Skills Training on Out-of-School Youth, to strengthen their capacity to obtain gainful employment, and to foster small and medium-sizedenterprises which constitute the majority of industries in ASEAN and play a significant role in the over-all economic development of ASEAN nations;




SEEKING to address unemployment and underemployment as an emerging major area of concern for the youth of ASEAN within the context of globalisation;


DO HEREBY DECLARE to strengthen participation in sustainable youth employment through the following:


  1. Improve the availability and quality of human resources training and leadership development programs designed specifically for ASEAN youth so that they are better equipped to participate in the growth and development efforts of their respective countries;


  1. Ensure that all youth subsectors, particularly the out-of-school youth, youth with special needs, youth-at-risk, are given appropriate access to policy and program development both as beneficiaries and partners in sustainable employment;


  1. Prioritise entrepreneurship and sustainable employment on ASEAN’s development agenda to open new opportunities for the young people that would allow them to create a better future for themselves and their ASEAN community;


  1. Create a nurturing environment conducive for the development of young entrepreneurs with access to education, skills-training, and capacity-building that is essential for increased productivity and self-employment;


  1. Promote the spirit and the culture of entrepreneurship among the ASEAN youth and facilitate the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises that would create jobs and address the unemployment issue of young people so that they would become productive partners for a strong ASEAN region;


  1. Establish a network of young entrepreneurs at the national and ASEAN level so that they could link up and together build their capacities and skills for better competitiveness in the global market place;


  1. Strengthen the participation of youth volunteer groups and organisations in the socio-economic development process so that they would be able to augment and complement government and non-government resources and efforts directed at youth development;


  1. Enhance and strengthen international, regional, and national partnerships with educational institutions so that these can perform an active role in improving the skills, competence, and employability of ASEAN youth, as well as help in developing an integrated and systematic enterprise development and youth employment program for the region;


  1. Encourage closer linkages between ASEAN and other like-mindedorganisations addressing youth employment concerns to further pursue innovative approaches in jointly addressing the global challenge of youth employment; and


  1. Implement the ASEAN Work Programme on Preparing ASEAN Youth for Sustainable Employment and Other Challenges of Globalisation, adopted by the 4th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth.


DONE in ManilaPhilippines, this Fourth Day of September in the Year 2003, in one single copy in English.









Pehin Dato Haji Awang Hussain

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports








Chey Chap

Undersecretary of State

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports








Abdul Malik Fadjar

Minister of National Education








Phetsakhone Luang Aphay

Acting Secretary General

Laos People’s Revolutionary Youth Union








Dato Talaat Bin Husain

Deputy Secretary General

Ministry of Youth and Sports








General Sein Htwa

Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement








Paolo Benigno A. Aquino IV


National Youth Commission








Mohammad Maliki Osman

Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC and Council Member of the National Youth Council








Panit Nitithanprapas

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Social Development and Human Security








Hoang Binh Quan


National Committee on Youth of Vietnam