WHEREAS the ASEAN Grain Post-Harvest Programme, formerly known as the ASEAN Crops Post-Harvest Programme (hereinafter referred to as “the Programme”) is an on-going collaborative programme in which two donors, the International Development Research Centre (hereinafter referred to as IDRC) and the Canadian International Development Agency (hereinafter referred to as CIDA), currently participate, together with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (hereinafter referred to as “ASEAN”), which is composed of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand;

WHEREAS since 1977, the Programme has operated in the ASEAN Region to assist in developing the region’s post-harvest system by acting as a catalyst for research and development activities;

WHEREAS the Programme has been actively promoting for the past ten years cooperative work in post-harvest research and development, involving IDRC, CIDA and the ASEAN food agencies, academic institutions and other sections;

WHEREAS IDRC and CIDA, as well as the Programme Steering Committee, composed of representatives of the ASEAN, have expressed the desire to continue the Programme for a further five-year phase commencing from the date of signature of this MOU;

WHEREAS ASEAN, through mutual agreement among its member countries, has decided that the Programme be located in Thailand and has designated the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand (hereinafter referred to as “Thailand), through the Department of Agriculture (DOA). Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, as its representative for the purpose of this Memorandum;

WHEREAS Thailand has agreed to act as the representative of ASEAN and to be a party of this Memorandum in its own right as the host country for this Programme;

WHEREAS IDRC and CIDA have both agreed to make funds available to support the Programme;

AND WHEREAS CIDA has requested and IDRC has agreed to administer CIDA’s contribution to the Programme;

NOW THEREFORE, The Government of Canada and Thailand, on its own behalf and on behalf of ASEAN, agree as follows, subject to the prevailing laws and regulations of Thailand;

Section I
Objective of the Programme


The general objective of the ASEAN Grain Post-Harvest Programme is the improvement of the cereal and legume post-harvest system in the ASEAN region to enable farmers and small entrepreneurs to produce good quality products and at the same time, improve their livelihood.

Specifically, the new AGPP seeks to achieve the following five specific objectives:

  1. To strengthen the capability of national institutions to conduct and apply research and development activities in cereal grain and legume post-harvest technology;

  2. To assist national research and development post-harvest technology programmes to identify problems and set priorities for relevant engineering, biological, sociological and economic studies;

  3. To develop solutions for identified postharvest problems;

  4. To promote the utilization and adoption of research results through the conduct of pilot projects in appropriate setting in the post-harvest system; and

  5. To strengthen the regional network and linkages among ASEAN post-harvest research and development institutions.

Section 2
Description of the Programme

Details concerning the Programme, including its implementation schedule, budget, funding arrangements and the financial and general reporting system are described in detail in the attached Memorandum of Grant Conditions between IDRC and the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand which forms an integral part of this Memorandum (hereinafter referred to as “the MGC”).

Section 3
Responsibilities of IDRC and CIDA

IDRC and CIDA agree to support the Programme by contributing up to an equivalent of Canada $ 3,129,000 for a period of five (5) years. The contribution of CIDA shall be made through IDRC. The contributions of IDRC and CIDA shall be subject to terms and conditions of the MGC.

Section 4
Responsibilities of Thailand and ASEAN

A. Responsibilities of Thailand

Thailand as host country for the Programme agrees to support the Programme by:a) providing office space at the Agricultural Engineering Division, Department of Agriculture (DOA);

b) permitting duty-free importation of materials, equipment, goods and office motor vehicles, necessary for the implementation of the Programme, subject to the re-exportation or to the termination of the useful life of such effects or to the disposal of the same to persons enjoying similar exemptions. Otherwise, their eventual disposal shall be subject to payment of taxes and customs duties under relevant Thai law and regulations;

c) undertaking to the extent permitted by the relevant law and regulations, to obtain the following privileges for the members of the Secretariat’s Technical staff who are not Thdi nationals or permanent residents of Thailand;i) exemption from payment of income tax on all salaries, wages or other income derived from work for the Programme; and

ii) exemption upon their first arrival and within a period of six months, from customs duties, other duties, taxes and other charges of a similar nature, on personal and household effects imported for personal use, in a reasonable quantity subject to the re-exportation or to the disposal of the said effects to persons enjoying similar exemptions. Otherwise, their eventual disposal shall be subject to payment of taxes and customs duties under relevant Thai law and regulations.

d) resolve in trust for and on behalf of ASEAN countries all donor funds to be provided for the Programme and ensure that proper accounts are maintained.

B. Responsibilites of ASEAN

ASEAN countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines Singapore and Thailand) will;

a) bear the travel, hotel and per them costs of their representatives attending regular Programme Steering Committee meetings;

b) bear the cost of general support to be provided for project activities in their respective countries.

Section 5
Institutional Framework

The institutional framework of the Programme shall comprise of:

a) The ASEAN Food Security Reserve (AFSR) Board which shall also act as the Programme Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as “PSC”) and which shall report to the ASEAN Committee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry (COFAF). The Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the AFSR Board shall be the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the PSC. The role and functions of the PSC are specified in the MGC.

b) The PSC shall be assisted in its activities by the Technical Advisory Committee, the role and functions of which are set out in the MGC.

c) The PSC shall also be assisted in its activities by the National Post-Harvest Committees/Lead Agencies, the role and functions of which are set out in the MGC.

d) Subject to the direction of the PSC, the ASEAN Grain Post-Harvest Programme Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as “the Secretariat”) shall be responsible for the implementation of the Programme.

e) The Secretariat shall consist of, inter alia, the Technical staff which shall be composed of post-harvest professionals, appointed by the PSC with donor funds specifically provided for the purpose. The role and functions of the Technical staff are specified in the MGC.

Section 6

  1. Donors other than those specified in the Preamble may request to accede to this Memorandum of Understanding by sending written notification to the Secretariat specifying the nature and magnitude of their proposed contribution;

  2. The Secretariat shall promptly inform the IDRC and the PSC of any such notification of accession;

  3. Accession is subject to endorsement by the ASEAN Economic Ministers on the basis of the recommendation of PSC and COFAF;

  4. The PSC through the AGPP Secretariat shall promptly inform IDRC of any such approved accession.

Section 7

  1. At the conclusion of the Programme, any unexpended funds shall be returned to the IDRC in Canadian currency. Any capital assets acquired in pursuance of the Programme shall be, in consultation with the AGPP Secretariat and with agreement of the PSC,distributed by the AGPP Director to institutions, agencies or organizations in the ASEAN region which have purposes similar to those of the Programme;

  2. IDRC and CIDA assume no liability with respect to any accident to any person or to any loss or damage to any person directly resulting from the Programme, except where such claims arise from wilful misconduct or gross negligence of agents of IDRC’s and CIDA’s Personnel;

  3. Following consultation with the AGPP Secretariat, IDRC and CIDA may publish, release or distribute materials published or produced by the Programme, or may authorize such publication, release or distribution by any third party;

  4. Amendments to this Memorandum of Understanding may be made with a unanimous consent in the form of an exchange of Notes, of all Contracting Parties;

  5. Parties to this Memorandum shall ensure that this Memorandum of Understanding is carried out with diligence and efficiency and each shall furnish the other with such information as shall reasonably be requested;

  6. Differences which may arise in the application of the provisions of this Memorandum of Understanding shall be settled by means of negotiations between the parties;

  7. This Memorandum of Understanding shall take effect on the date of signature and shall remain in effect for a period of five (5) years, unless its extension for a further period is unanimously agreed upon by all Contracting Parties, or unless it is renounced by anyone of the Contracting Parties with a prior notice of at least 6 months;

SIGNED at Bangkok this eighth day of July 1988.

For the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand:


For ASEAN Represented by Thailand:


For the Government of Canada: