The Secretariat of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, represented by the Secretary-General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, hereinafter referred to as ‘The ASEAN Secretariat’,

of the one part


The Secretariat of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, represented by the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, hereinafter referred to as ‘The ESCAP Secretariat’,

of the other part

Agreed to take immediate measures for more effective cooperation and collaboration between the two Secretariats in the various priority programmes under the Hanoi Plan of Action and its consecutive plans of actions, the UN Millennium Declaration and decisions, recommendations and resolutions as contained in various reports of the annual sessions of ESCAP and all areas where their functions, programmes and activities are complementary and mutually supportive.

Recognising the functions of ASEAN and ESCAP are’ set out in the Bangkok Declaration of 1967 and in Terms of Reference of ESCAP, as amended, respectively.

Recognising that this Memorandum of Understanding shall not be legally binding under international law.

have reached the following understanding:



1. The ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat shall establish cooperation in the areas of common interest and expertise, which include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Poverty alleviation
  2. Human resources development
  4. Transnational crime
  5. Population and development
  6. Women and children in development
  7. Industrial cooperation
  8. Facilitation of trade in goods and services
  9. Transport and communication
  10. Regional cooperation in financial sector monitoring and surveillance
  11. Investment promotion and facilitation
  12. Statistics
  13. International financial issues
  14. Environment
  15. Social development
  16. Information technology
  17. Science and technology
  18. Technical cooperation among developing countries
  19. Tourism
  20. Sustainable Forest Management
  21. Other matters of mutual interest.


2. Thee ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat shall cooperate in the study of issues, problems and policies of mutual interest relating to their respective organisation’s work programmes.

3. The ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat shall exchange and consult, on a regular basis, information on their programmes, activities and projects of mutual interest.

4. The ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat cooperation shall be jointly implemented and cost-shared.

5. The ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat shall jointly initiate and set up an ASEAN / ESCAP technical cooperation programmes covering fields of mutual concern and interest to the two Secretariats, in the areas listed in paragraph I above. Both Secretariats shall endeavour to seek the necessary funds for this purpose. The programmes and projects shall be guided by the relevant ASEAN and ESCAP bodies and endorsed through the normal ASEAN and ESCAP process.

6. To enable a more effective and mutually beneficial cooperation, the ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat agree to undertake yearly consultations at senior official level to identify and conduct possible joint activities in the areas listed under paragraph 1. Representatives of both Secretariats are to be invited to attend in relevant meetings of each other’s Secretariats, as observer.

7. Any further specific technical and sectoral cooperation shall be accommodated by supplementary Exchange of Letters between the two Secretariats as mutually agreed upon.

8. The cooperation could be extended to ESCAP’s subsidiary bodies such as the Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology (APCTT), Regional Coordination Centre for Research and Development of Coarse Grains, Pulses, Roots and Tuber Crops in the Humid Tropics of Asia and the Pacific (CGPRT) and the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SlAP).


9. The present Memorandum may be amended by written consent of the Parties.

10. The ASEAN Secretariat and the ESCAP Secretariat shall implement this Memorandum in conformity with their regulations, rules and administrative practices.

Done at Jakarta/Bangkok, on this second day of January in the year 2002 of the Christian Era, in duplicate in the English language.