Unity in Diversity is the overarching theme with which ASEAN visualizes to achieve its ASEAN Community. This theme finds its home in the diverse and delectable noodle dishes of ASEAN, and thus, the inspiration for this cookbook.  In the following pages, readers will discover the wondrous delights and the symphony of flavors that ASEAN noodle dishes have to offer. Ingredients and cooking instructions, as well as some trivia about the dishes, are listed herein to teach aspiring cooks as well as experienced chefs how to make ASEAN noodle dishes by themselves. The cookbook is accompanied by a 15-minute video which will be uploaded on YouTube and on the website of the ASEAN Secretariat for all to enjoy.

Sem sem but no sem is a collection of ASEAN noodle dishes the preparation of which was demonstrated by the Ambassadors of ASEAN Member States, collectively known as the Committee of Permanent Representatives and their spouses, during a mini-festival of ASEAN noodle dishes held at the Chancery of the Permanent Mission of the Philippines to ASEAN in South Jakarta. These recipes reveal the rich history and cultural heritage of ASEAN countries, from native elements to foreign influences in the ingredients and the manner of their preparation.

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