1. The Foreign Ministers of ASEAN had reviewed the situation pertaining to the international drug problem during the 18th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. The expression of our grave concern over the continuing spread in drug abuse and illicit trafficking and affirmation of our conviction that the international drug problem had serious security implications, beyond the general perception that it is a social and humanitarian problem, have been spelt out in our joint Statement issued on 9th July, 1985.
  2. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers had taken the opportunity to discuss the drug problem with the Foreign Ministers of the Dialogue Countries during the Post-Ministerial Conference.
  3. The Dialogue Countries share our view that drug abuse and illicit trafficking has become a serious global problem. They also shared the deep concern already expressed by the ASEAN Foreign Ministers that drug abuse and illicit trafficking could seriously endanger the development of nations and undermine the security and well-being of mankind.
  4. ASEAN and the Dialogue Countries remain conscious of the urgent need for concerted and determined efforts to be undertaken by the entire international community in order to combat the drug menace. In this regard, the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN and the Dialogue Countries warmly welcomed the proposal made by the United Nations Secretary General to convene an International Conference on Narcotic Drugs at Ministerial level in 1987.
  5. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers expressed their satisfaction that the Dialogue Countries have extended their cooperation and made significant contribution towards various national, regional and international efforts aimed at eliminating the threat of drug abuse and illicit trafficking. In reaffirming their support for such efforts, including those of the ASEAN countries, the Dialogue Countries welcomed ASEAN’s intention to introduce a Draft Resolution on an International Strategy for Combatting Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking at the forthcoming 40th United Nations General Assembly.