Ha Noi, 8 April 2010

Today, on 8 April 2010 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN signed the Protocol to the ASEAN Charter on Dispute Settlement Mechanisms (the Protocol). The adoption and signing of the Protocol as well as the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of ASEAN that we had signed earlier signify the determination of ASEAN in transforming ASEAN into a rules-based organisation and serve to facilitate the implementation of the Charter and ASEAN Community building.

The Foreign Ministers of ASEAN welcomed the adoption and signing of the Protocol.

In this regards, on behalf of the Foreign Ministers of ASEAN, I would like to underline the following common understanding:

1. The Foreign Minister of ASEAN reaffirmed the commitment to finalise the three other instruments, namely (i) the rules for references to the ASEAN Summit, (ii) the procedures for authorisation under internal law and domestic law, and (iii) the rules of procedure for requesting the ASEAN Secretariat to interpret the ASEAN Charter, of which the first one shall become an integral part of the Protocol.

2. The Foreign Ministers of ASEAN, therefore, tasked the ASEAN SOM leaders to complete the drafting of the instruments as soon as possible and to submit a progress report at the 43rd AMM in July 2010.

3. In this regards, the Foreign Ministers agreed that the Protocol would be subjected to the respective internal procedures of the Member States after the adoption and inclusion of the rules reference to the ASEAN Summit in the Protocol.

Source: http://asean2010.vn/asean_en/news/46/2DA85D/STATEMENT-OF-THE-ASEAN-CHAIR