AN AGREEMENT made the 6th day of March 1980 BETWEEN the Government of Indonesia (herein after referred to as Indonesia) of the first part, and the Governments of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) as the second part. 

WHEREAS at the Meeting of the ASEAN Heads of Government in Bali on 23-24 February 1976, it was agreed that certain projects be established as ASEAN Industrial Projects; 

WHEREAS at the Second Meeting of the ASEAN Economic Ministers in Kuala Lumpur on 8-9 March 1976, it was decided that Indonesia and Malaysia shall each be allocated a urea project to be designated as an ASEAN Urea Project, provided that the Parties are satisfied with the viability of such project; 

AND WHEREAS the Fifth Meeting of the ASEAN Economic Ministers convened at Pattaya on 2-4 September 1977 agreed that the ASEAN Urea Project (Indonesia) is viable on certain conditions hereinafter stated and to accept it as an ASEAN Industrial Project; 

NOW THEREFORE, Indonesia and the Parties hereby agree as follow,: 


The shareholder entity designated by each ASEAN country shall negotiate and conclude, as soon as possible, a joint Venture Agreement acceptable to Indonesia and the Parties, for the setting up of an ASEAN Urea Project in Indonesia. Such joint Venture Agreement shall set out among other:

(a) The name and capital structure of the Joint Venture Company; 

(b) Constitution of the Board of Directors of the joint Venture Company; 

(c) Protection of minority interests; 

(d) Scope f the project and its financing.


Indonesia shall provide adequate supply of natural gas as fuel and feed-stock for use by the Project, at a price of US$0,60 per million BTU delivered to project plant, without escalation. However, an increase in this gas price may be discussed in the event that the world market price for urea is significantly above the ceiling price as established in Article 4 of this Supplementary Agreement. 


1. In order to ensure- the success of the Project, Indonesia and the Parties agree that off taking of product shall be arranged in accordance with the Preferential Trading Arrangements among ASEAN Member States. 

2. To ensure the success of the Project, Indonesia and the Parties hereto agree that subject to Article 3.4, the Project shall have priority right to supply the Indonesian domestic market and the available ASEAN – markets. For the purpose, available ASEAN markets means:

(a) the markets in the Philippines and Thailand after considering their own domestic production of urea; and (b) the market in Malaysia if there is insufficient production of urea in Malaysia.

3. As and when an ASEAN Urea Project in Malaysia is established and becomes operational, the ASEAN Urea Projects in Indonesia and Malaysia shall share equally the available ASEAN markets excluding the market in Malaysia. in the event that there is surplus production from the ASEAN Urea Project in Indonesia, Indonesia shall guarantee to absorb the surplus production at the agreed formula price by supplying its own domestic market and the markets outside ASEAN countries or both so as to maintain. the plant production rate as indicated in the feasibility study report s accepted by the ASEAN Economic Ministers on 2-4 September 1977 at Pattaya, having due regard to the technical constraints which may be experienced by the-project plant. 

4. Subject to the provision of paragraph 2 of this Article, Indonesia and the Parties agree that at the appropriate time each year the host country shall invite ASEAN Member States to state their annual urea requirements from which the minimum urea off take by the ASEAN Member States shall be computed and agreed upon. 

5. Indonesia and the Parties also agree that the ASEAN Urea Project (Indonesia), in conjunction with the ASEAN Urea project (Malaysia), shall take into consideration the possibility of supplying urea to ASEAN member countries in a manner that would enable the host country, the two Projects and the purchasing ASEAN member countries to benefit from the most cost-efficient supply and transport arrangements of urea without altering the agreed market sharing arrangements. 


1. Floor and ceiling prices shall be determined in accordance with the principles outlined in Article 11, paragraph 6 of the Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial Projects. 

2. The minimum (floor) price shall be fixed so as to yield a project Internal Rate of Return on Investment of eight per cent (8Y,,) after tax. The maximum (ceiling) price shall be fixed so as tc yield ; project Internal Rate of Return on Investment of twenty per cent (20%) after tax. There shall be one free-on-board (f.o.b.) selling price of urea at any one point in time to ASEAN Member States from the ASEAN Urea Projects in Indonesia and Malaysia, provided that the prevailing market price falls within the constraints of each projects floor and ceiling-limits. 

3. Pursuant to Article 11, paragraph 6 (c) of the Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial Projects, the cost of production shall be that actually experienced by the Project for the period during which floor and ceiling prices would be in effect. This production cost shall reflect conditions existing at the time with respect to costs of supplies, materials, labour, wages and all other elements of production cots as are actually being experienced by the Project. 


The Philippines reserves the right to pursue the, establishment of a 1,000 MTPD urea plant scheduled to be on stream by July 1983. Indonesia reserves the right to establish a 1,725 MTPD urea plant in West Java scheduled to be on stream by the end of 1978 and a 1,725 MTPD urea plant in East Kalimantan scheduled to be on stream by mid-1981. 


All Articles of this Agreement may be modified through amendments to this Agreement to be agreed upon by consensus. All amendments shall become effective upon acceptance by all ASEAN Member States. 


1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the thirtieth (30th) day after the deposit of the fifth instrument of Ratification. 

2. This Agreement may not be signed with reservation nor shall reservations be admitted at the time of ratification. 

3. This Agreement shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the ASEAN Secretariat who shall promptly furnish a certified copy thereof to each Contracting State. 

4. Each Contracting State shall deposit its Instrument of Ratification with the Secretary- General of the ASEAN Secretariat who shall promptly inform each Contracting State of such deposit. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments, have signed this Supplementary Agreement to the Basic Agreement on the ASEAN Industrial Projects – ASEAN Urea Project (Indonesia). 

DONE at Kuala Lumpur, in six originals in the, English language this March 6, 1980.