1. We, Transport Ministers of ASEAN and Japan, met for the Third ASEAN and Japan Transport Ministers Meeting (ATM+Japan) in Vientiane, Lao PDR on 18 November 2005. H.E. Mr. Bouathong Vonglokham, Minister of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction of Lao PDR chaired the Third ATM+Japan, with H.E. Mr. Kazuo Kitagawa, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) of Japan as Co-Chairman.

2. We reviewed and were pleased with the significant progress in the implementation of the 21 joint projects under the ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership. These 21 joint projects had contributed significantly in raising the levels of human and institutional capability in areas, such as transport security and safety, urban transport development and seafarer policy cooperation, as well as in the transfer of technical know-how and technology for efficient and sustainable transport services. We affirmed to ensure the expeditious implementation of these joint projects.

3. In recognizing the essential role of logistics to support trade and investment, we adopted the ASEAN-Japan Transport Logistics Improvement Plan to improve and facilitate the logistics services and infrastructure in the ASEAN and Japan region. We also adopted the Common Action Plan for the ASEAN-Japan New Air Navigation System to facilitate the implementation of the new air navigation systems, to cope with the increasing air traffic as well as improve air transport safety in the region. Senior officials will update the Ministers in future meetings on the progress of implementation of these two initiatives, which we acknowledged as concrete and noteworthy achievement of our three years of fruitful ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership.

4. We lauded the progress on the web-based “ASEAN-Japan Transport Information Platform”, which has great potentials for wider information sharing and dissemination on ASEAN-Japan transport policies and project cooperation activities.

5. We welcomed Japan’s proposal to convene the Fourth ASEAN-Japan Transport Policy Workshop in the second quarter of 2006 in Japan.

6. The ASEAN Ministers expressed their appreciation to Japan for its continuing support to ASEAN, particularly in its efforts to narrow the development gaps between Member Countries, deepen economic integration and realize its vision to establish the ASEAN Economic Community.

7. We thanked the Government of Lao PDR for the excellent arrangement made for the Meeting and agreed to meet in Thailand in 2006.

List of Ministers

(i) H.E. Dato Paduka Yusoff Abd Hamid, Deputy Minister of Communications for Brunei Darussalam;

(ii) H.E. Mr. Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport for Cambodia;

(iii) H.E. Mr. Wendy Aritenang, Secretary General, Ministry of Transportation for Indonesia;

(iv) H.E. Mr. Kazuo Kitagawa, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan

(v) H.E. Mr. Bouathong Vonglokham, Minister of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction for Lao PDR;

(vi) H.E. Dato’ Sri Chan Kong Choy, Minister of Transport for Malaysia;

(vii) H.E. Maj. Gen. Thein Swe, Minister of Transport for Myanmar;

(viii) H.E. Mr. Ricardo E. Alfonso, Undersecretary (Deputy Minister) for Land Transport for the Philippines;

(ix) H.E. Mr. Yeo Cheow Tong, Minister for Transport for Singapore;

(x) H.E. Mr. Mahidol Chantrangkurn, Vice Minister for Transport for Thailand;

(xi) H.E. Mr. Dao Dinh Binh, Minister of Transport for Viet Nam; and

(xii) Mr. Worapot Manupipatpong, Director, the ASEAN Secretariat, representing the Secretary General of ASEAN.

List of 21 ASEAN and Japan Transport Partnership Projects

(Transport Facilitation)
• AJTF-1: Transport Logistics Project

(Air Transport)
• AJAT-1: New Air Navigation System
• AJAT-2: Aviation Security Project
• AJAT-3: Airport Study Project

(Maritime Transport)
• AJMT-1: Seafarers Policy Cooperation
• AJMT-2: Maritime Transport Security Program
• AJMT-3: Cruise Promotion Project
• AJMT-4: High Speed Maritime Network Project
• AJMT-5: “Mega-Float” Promotion Project
• AJMT-6: Port Technology Research Project
• AJMT-7: Cooperation on Coast Guard Development

(Land Transport)
• AJLT-1: Public Transport Smart Card Initiative
• AJLT-2: Intelligent Transport System Development
• AJLT-3: Automobile Technical Cooperation Project on Safety and Environment
• AJLT-4: Road Signage Harmonization
• AJLT-5: ASEAN Railways Revival Plan
• AJLT-6: Urban Transport Policy Framework
• AJLT-7: Alternative Fuel Project for Transport Sector
• AJLT-8: Road Transport Safety Project

• AJOA-1: Transport Policy Officials Training in Japan
• AJOA-2: Transport Information Platform Project