1. Tariff Liberalisation : Lowering Costs of Cross-border Trade

2. Non-Tariff Measures, Non-Tariff Barriers and ASEAN Trade Repository : Lowering Trade Costs beyond Tariff

3. Rules Of Origin and Self-Certification : Simplified Rules Toward Greater Market Access

4. Customs Integration : Simplifying Rules and Procedures for Freer Flow of Goods

5. ASEAN Single Window : Lowering the Costs of Trade through Faster Customs Clearance

6. Automotive Products : Harmonising Standards and Technical Regulations

7. Cosmetics Products : Harmonisation of Regulation for Safety and Quality of Cosmetics Products

8. Electronics and Electronic Equipment : Harmonising Standards and Certifications

9. Medical Device : Reducing Technical Barriers while Safeguarding Public Health

10. Medicinal Products : Ensuring Safety of Medicinal Products across ASEAN

11. Prepared Foodstuff : Facilitating Trade of Safe Food across ASEAN

12. Rubber-Based Products : Trading Rubber-Based Products across ASEAN and Globally

13. Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements : Assuring Safety and Quality through Harmonised Technical Requirements